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#428972 No Joke! DQM: Joker 3 is coming to Japan

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 15 July 2015 - 08:58 AM

I did not like Joker 2 all that much. I actually kept a small record on paper, and the rate at which you scout even in the high 90s percentile was outright dumb: WAY too many "failed to scouts". Joker 1 was perfectly balanced and fun. I got sick of Joker 2. I wish we'd gotten pro for the extra storyline, but frankly my opinion of this game is not high at all. 


I'll announce this on my pages, but on this board I will add: if this ever came stateside I'd likely buy it only to boost DQ sales. I would go in cautiously. Who knows, maybe it has returned to the balanced ways of the first one.

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#427609 Dragon Quest VII and VIII 3D to west maybe?

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 04 July 2015 - 09:24 AM

If it is released in English? Maybe.
Do NOT get your hopes up, yall.

My Mom speaks fluent French. I'll ask her to read me all the text. :laugh:

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#426457 Translation Project

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 23 June 2015 - 07:06 AM

If it never gets a release, then hopefully in the future people will secretly do these things and release them anonymously.


Thanks for all the hard work guys!

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#426364 DQ Heroes Marketing Genius

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 21 June 2015 - 09:44 PM

Being intelligent does not equate to being competent.  After Iwata stepped down, things seemed to improve.


Until yesterday, DQH was their FB page's cover photo. Today it is KH3. Whether we want to admit it or not, they have been providing fan service in some form. Type-0 was released, KH3, and, whether you give a rat's ass about it or not, the FF7 remake. 3 years ago I never would have believed that we'd even get the DQ mobile games, and I was planning on importing DQH. Hell, they even localized party chat in DQ4, which they could've dummied out and simply clone the non-Japanese DS version.


We're not the only fans who have been harping on them. The FF people have been screaming 7 remake for years, and they were adamant about Type-0. I can't remember how long ago people were spamming KH3.


Our corner of the SE fanbase has long been calling out their ineptitude. We've been the outcasts the most, so its not unlikely for us to jump on every perceived error.


I'm not planning on any non-DQ purchases from them until I see how the DQ franchise pans out, but I can say that I see A LOT more positive comments from all fan bases than I did even a year ago. They have to keep everyone happy.


I do wonder if the entire FF7 PC version on PS4 presentation was actually designed as a self-deprecating joke. "Let's try a classic bone-headed move because we deserve the heat, them reveal the treasure at the end with a wink". Vince McMahon became a billionaire by taking on the role of a true a-hole and allowed himself to be humiliated as a character to keep the fans buying tickets and PPVs.


I'm just not getting the same BS vibe from SE that I have in recent years.


That said, I peeked into my local Gamestop tonight after work, and I saw nothing from SE near the windows. 


Let's see how things pan out across the board for the next few months. Just my 2 cents.


Edit: I should add, when did we EVER get a collector's edition for anything DQ?

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#426276 DQ Heroes Marketing Genius

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 20 June 2015 - 09:55 PM

I'll concede that FF Whatever is being released in 3 days and it'll be a few months for DQH. I'd give it a couple weeks. Meanwhile, I'll check my local Gamestop and see what's there. 


Dwaine, PM me a a week or 2 and if this isn't turned around, please alert me. I'll contact Drew at OpHero and we can set up posts, which often lead to people spamming SE on FB.

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#426191 Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light - English SEA Release

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 19 June 2015 - 11:00 PM

No thank you. I can take an app with me.


Plus, Facebook games can be intrusive and over-sharing at times for your Facebook friends unless you make a bunch of tweaks to privacy settings.



You could always make a fake FB account.


I have one and the reason I made it was because of a gut feeling I had. So, story time:


I won full legal custody of my oldest son in 2005. His mother stopped showing to court and lost her visitations, etc. When I made a FB account, I was quick to block her and her family.


Last year, when my son was 9, I had a weird feeling come over me. Something told me to check her profile. I made a fake FB account and sure enough, 2 days earlier, she made a post with a pic of our son, saying he had been wrongfully taken and that she hadn't seen him in 10 years (despite the fact he was 9). Her sister left a comment saying she'd found an address to get ahold of him. I had my step daughter's Dad (whom I'm actually good friends with, go figure), take a screen capture.


Sure enough, a week or so later, she mailed my son a letter saying I was a druggy, a boozer, etc., and that she fought for a year to get him back (LOL).


Nothing else came of it. As much strife as I've had with her, I do hope she has a good life. Since she moved to Florida, it is #1 on the list of states I do not plan on moving to.


Point being, you could always have an account saying your name is Ted Nugent and play without issue. And if you have legit means to keep tabs on someone, its a handy option.

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#426008 Check out the mega-trolls at work

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 18 June 2015 - 01:30 PM

Despite my rants on the SE blog, I will say that I've had a huge interest in Heroes since I first saw footage of the Japanese version, which I was originally gonna import.


My rants were meant to call out perceived falsehoods, not say that I'm not excited for DQH. 


I actually wanted DQH more than DQ7, since I feel the PS version to be acceptable- but I am a very small minority in that regard. When they said the fans as a whole demanded DQH more, I spoke the truth- the masses want 7- my opinion is certainly not the popular one, and I admit it.


In a sense I swallowed my pride (which could use a dash of Tobasco sauce).

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#425954 Check out the mega-trolls at work

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 17 June 2015 - 08:17 PM

It's also very possible he had no real idea as to the actual timeline about fan demand and DQH, but was aware fans were avidly demanding DQ, and some were likely asking for DQH specifically and in combination with the other, more prominent requests (7 is like THE big cahoona).


Though whether it's just PR, and they simply rewrote it in English writing it as though this was the most requested (which it wasn't...even Slime Mori Mori 3 has seen more requests), or he wasn't really aware of the fullness of the situation, yeah, it does feel a little disingenuous.


Personally, the change of the Facebook page from DQH to Dragon Quest, is suggestive, but then, they've put out so many suggestive elements over the last two years, and have done little to nothing with it (read: nothing).  Which implies there's no meaning behind the statements.


Well, anyway, it'll be along post.  A very long post.  I hope they've the patience to read it.



LOL, apparently redneck is a dirty and profane word ;)

I've been called a dirty old man before :)

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#425941 Check out the mega-trolls at work

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 17 June 2015 - 05:16 PM



Some of the statements in this article infuriated me.  Redneck and a few other posters had some choice comments for them.   :)


My issue wasn't that it was PR talk, but that it was flat out lies. Had they said "we believe this, as an action RPG, will be a smash amongst Western players", THAT would have been quality PR, which is also keeping it real.

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#425115 DQ Translations is back up!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 08 June 2015 - 10:51 AM


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#424759 This should have been the American DQ fans' theme...

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 03 June 2015 - 05:59 PM

You know what they say about hindsight being 20/20.


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#424703 DQH Trailer

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 02 June 2015 - 09:32 PM

Sigh. Maybe I'll get the Collectors Edition and wait for a while to buy a PS4. $500 almost for all that. Ugh, but it looks nice!

I hear ya'. Maybe I should start investing my paychecks into scratch tickets. Then I can wear a silk suit when I buy my PS4!


Or wind up homeless.


Hmm...tough decision.

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#424635 DQH Trailer

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 02 June 2015 - 11:45 AM

At least they ain't messin' around!


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#424407 NA release - October 13

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 29 May 2015 - 11:23 PM

My son's birthday is in October, and he wants this as much as I do. Maybe I can save a few bucks by packaging this as his bday gift...

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#424287 Will we see VII at E3 2015?

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 28 May 2015 - 05:26 PM


Best Buy had a whole series of DQVI promotions, around the release, in Long Island, and in Danbury CT.  They sent a representative from Nintendo there, who gave me a DQVI poster and took my picture for marketing purposes, when I showed up.  I went to two of these promotional events (hoping to do some DQIX canvassing) and only met one other DQ fan.  At the second promo event I was told that I was the only one who showed.  I found out about these promotions online, from a conversation from the GameFAQs forums, which lead me to a link to the Best Buy website with a blurb about the events.


It's almost like it was deliberately set up to fail.  Why would they send a representative out to gather marketing info on a game release that they weren't aggressively promoting?


Wow, I think I recall that now.  Right, it's not much different with the Gamestop window sticker.  Spend some money for promotional items and a big scene, but little to no evidence of actually pushing or letting people know about the events.


It certainly does seem like it was setup to fail.  Like they could say, see, we did spend money on a promotional campaign.  I wonder if Nintendo and SE had a lot of infighting.  It certainly seemed like SE, up until Dragon Quest IX, was setting itself up to fail.  Assuming bad sales, doing less and less about it, then claiming DQ is a Japanese RPG that Westerners don't get.  I have to wonder if this is due to SE, or did Nintendo decide they didn't care enough to follow through on their promise of assuring Dragon Quest in the West?  I mean after 9 they dropped the ball one after the other, now we're looking at a 3DS devoid of any DQ releases outside of Japan.  Was Nintendo deliberately assuring failure so it could have an excuse for a decision already made based in a corporate boardroom in Japan?  Perhaps based on a notion that due to the DS popularity, that DQ9 should have sold even more?  Like, 1m copies in the US alone?  Let's face it, DQ9 was well advertised, but compared to something like, oh, I don't know, Final Fantasy 13, or Halo 3, or Call of Duty: Write a Name Here, it was paltry.  The sales numbers fit perfectly with the campaign size, scope, and how long it ran.  Maybe it just wasn't enough.  Maybe there's another reason: SE demands that Nintendo did not want to deal with, or contract negotiations take forever.  There are a number of potentials, but it definitely does seem like the DQVI campaign was designed as a farce.



The funny thing is that SE expected us to disappear into the void. 2 years ago they put up that Phil Rogers blog. I firmly believed it was designed to have, for lack of a better term, a bunch of sheep write in "Hurr durr, FF and KH". Then they'd deliver their FFs and KHs, from thence they could publicly claim they listened to the fans and delivered. Unfortunately for them, there were no sheep.


That was actually the true starting point in the DQ base becoming vocal- the VAST, perhaps 90% or more, of the requests were Dragon Quest. That likely lead to them thinking "Oh $#!&, our make believe game is blowing up in our faces!". Further down the line came Op. Hero, a bolster to my pages, and a virtual avalanche of fan outpouring.


I know I've said this before, but Heroes getting announced for us the day before the Japanese release and their use of Drew's hashtag is not mere coincidence. Nor is the fact they acknowledged and plainly said they were concerned about DQ7 selling. I sincerely commended their honesty instead of treating us like untouchables in a caste system.


I live literally down the road from one of the Sturm Ruger firearm factories. My Dad knew Bill Ruger Sr., and said what he admired about him was that he was willing to take risks and provide special services for his consumers. Around 1986, my Dad recalls, people were sending their old style single action revolvers to be modified with a transfer bar system that prevented direct contact between the hammer and the primer. As a result, you did not have to leave an empty cylinder chamber. You could have the entire wheel loaded and not worry about accidental discharge.


What made this conversion so amazing outside of the obvious mechanical improvements? Bill Ruger saw that it was done for FREE! The removed parts from before the conversion were also sent back to the consumer for collective purposes! My Dad recalls the THOUSANDS of guns shipped to Newport, New Hampshire for this service, and this absorbing of cost did not prevent Sturm Ruger from becoming the largest firearms manufacturer in the US, but also becoming the first gun company to wind up on the stock exchange!


SE would do well to follow the Ruger example. And I don't just mean the DQ folks- everywhere I go I see loads of discontent with them from virtually every fandom. I will say they have improved consumer relations in terms of the rumors of FF15 being made a quality title, and the individualized survey. Although I didn't much care for FF10-2, I'm glad they decided to localize the Last Mission portion of the game instead of half-assing the project by dummying out the content.


Nobody expects an overnight transformation. What I'd like to see is a continuance of this trend. After all, the couple of Ruger guns I bought were not purchased because my Dad worked there. They wound up housed near where they were manufactured because Ruger put out the product I wanted.

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