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#418529 So I did some checking into Masters of the Masks...

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 20 March 2015 - 09:15 PM

It does. I think Holey Heroes is still going to be a mobile game of some kind, it isn't long enough to be a DQ subtitle.


It's like a law they have to be super-long. "Forgotten Forbears of the Flying Fane"!


Dude, that sounds authentic!

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#417207 Very Unpopular DQ Opinions

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 08 March 2015 - 07:25 PM

Here's one for ya'...


We need(ed) the main series games in the following order-


The Loto trilogy mobile. Needed a consistent script, 16-bit quality. The only loss to 3 is clearly the intro, as Pacheesi is nothing special, and the monster animations on the SFC games were stilted, doing little to add to the experience. No loss there either. That said, Anroid/iOS compatibility problems exist, which is why consoles tend to be a more viable option. However, the screen size is far better than your average portable gaming system. Unfortunately, no happy marriage between the 2 exists.




DQ7 Remake. However, we have a PS1 version with perfectly fine graphics. They are clearly superior to the 16-bit gen. and the quality is quite acceptable. The font sucks, I admit.


I somewhat consider the spin offs we lack to be of higher priority than 7.  Not the monster remakes so much as material we never got.


Other opinions people may not like:


DQ9 was excellent. During both my playthroughs I became so enamored at customizing my character that I broke 100 hours before beating Corvus. Its the only game that had me addicted to grinding. Using 8's superior skill point system was wise, and mixing it with class changing was brilliant.


The actual story of DQ6 was far superior to the game's main rival, FF6. However, FF6 presented its story in a better manner. Those games prove that how you tell a tale may be more important than the quality of the tale itself.


I enjoyed the 6/7 job system, but 8's skill point system is superior for its simplicity. Put in your points and BOOM!, off we go!


Joker one had a resonable scouting challenge. Joker 2 is notorious for failed scouts at 90+% regularly. I beat Rigor Mortex by around the 40 hour mark and called it good, whilst in Joker 1 I did most of the side stuff.

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#416853 Fan translation for fish sandwich.

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 06 March 2015 - 03:47 PM

My vote goes to... well, let's just say it is a secret formula.

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#415948 Link to earlier DQ Western Market quote

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 26 February 2015 - 07:25 AM

I'm happy; I really am.  But, would it kill them to give us something a little more solid?  I just want one confirmation of a 3ds game (either VII or one of the Monsters).  I think they just need to break the ice on the 3ds in the West for things to get going properly.


Well, we need to keep pestering them. But they actually used Drew's hashtag, so for at least the rest of this week, why don't we give ourselves a hard earned celebration. I feel renewed from this. I hadn't posted anything for awhile on my pages. Then this!


Let's make it a point to start pestering them again on Monday.

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#415912 Link to earlier DQ Western Market quote

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 25 February 2015 - 10:08 PM

I know this was quoted earlier, but Drew, the founder of Operation Hero, messaged me the link on Facebook. Hence, I figured I'd share.


He and I were talking about how our grassroots went from nothing to this: even SE using his hashtag.






Amazing. I know not everyone is satisfied, but man- we bombarded a company that is more stubborn than a 2 year old with oppositiontional defiance disorder and they cracked. I feel like we did something!

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#410475 How to find a cheap complete Dragon Warrior VII (PSX)?

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 08 January 2015 - 11:57 PM

The booklet I believe is also on the Den in a format you can print, then cut.  The problem is, to get it right, you'd need a printer that handles back to back, and you'd have to split the pages apart, and do the hardwork at reworking them to appropriately print in the same way as it would appear had you purchased the game with the original booklet.  So first - last on the back, on the other side, first+1 - last-1.  Next page would be, on the back, first+2 - last -2, and on the other side, first+3 - last-3.  Then continue onward.


It's a pain in the behind, but doable.  Of course, there's the cost of good glossy, high yield, no smudge paper, and smudgeless ink.  Plus a printer that is highly accurate.  :/


You can find the dual-side jewels, though they're far rarer now.  Might have to go on ebay for them :/.


I wish I could help you out further, but I can't.  Maybe just save up little by little, and in the meantime, just get the discs?  I mean shipping just discs would be a lot cheaper, and it's possible to get a copy in working condition for 100 Lira or less.



!!!!!!Wow, if you act now!!!!!!!!!! :




That dude, JuMeSyn, from RPGamer.com, who wrote the scathing, intellectual lightweight review a few days ago, is reselling the game.  Ships worldwide, and he claims FREE shipping.  You may have to get into a bidding war, but at 36 US, that's about 90 Lira.  So if you're willing to go up to 40 total, that's 100 Lira.  Or 50 US, that's about 125 Lira for the whole thing.


This copy is in working order, and has everything!


It's almost like this copy was sitting there waiting for you.  A sort of digital irony.  An online persona who hates the series sells it, and to a fan who is likely to really dig it.


Anyway, I hope you catch this before it goes bye.


Hey, maybe one of us should buy it just to leave him negative feedback on Ebay.

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#409378 Bob Dylan

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 23 December 2014 - 09:27 PM

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#408655 Anything special for Christmas?

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 14 December 2014 - 12:29 PM

Oh, haha, I wasn't complaining about being single. (Although yesterday was one of those moments where I was at a place and was the literally only one that wasn't on a date. Funny when that happens!) This is just a time of year that's big with kids. I just want to spend time with friends and family. Stuff is nice, but what brings me joy is seing the people around me well and happy.


I hear ya'! I don't care about getting presents (the DQ10 being an exception). I enjoy Christmas itself. Even when I was a kid, I always enjoyed the month of December before the holiday far more than the holiday itself. My best Christmas memories are not even of Christmas day: my fondest ones are Friday nights in December.


I used the recliner in my folks' living room so much that my Mom started calling it my Archie Bunker Chair. Between that chair and the other chair my Dad used was the tree. My Mom used the couch on the other side of the living room. Every Friday we'd watch Family Matters together. And during December when the Christmas episode aired I still remember my Mom having summer sausage slices on crackers, stuffed shells and other goodies.


Saturday morning was breakfast together, and I still remember looking out at the snow covered woodshed and the brook/creek. My parents live in the woods with a 600 foot driveway. Its hard to explain, but something about their location screams Christmas. They have a furnace now, but I still remember helping my Dad load up the wheel burrow with firewood to bring to the basement. He'd shovel a path from the house to the woodshed for easier travel with the wheel burrow.


Wow, is it me or does this time of year make you remember stuff?

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#406235 Anyone going Black Friday shopping...?

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 16 November 2014 - 11:24 PM

Hell no I ain't going!


Even on years that I have Black Friday off, no way I'm gonna put up with all those loons!

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#404124 The original DQ commercial.

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 24 October 2014 - 07:08 PM





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#403877 Localisation of DQ games - news

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 23 October 2014 - 05:35 AM




And yes, I'll concede that it'd be thematically appropriate. Its kind of like putting lemon zest in creme friache. I certainly don't dislike it, and it still goes wonderfully with beluga caviar and blinis, but I prefer not having the ever so slight bitterness with citrus undertone. I tend to seek a more "pure" taste of the sour to compliment the salty beluga.

That's so full of references I don't get or have any experience with, it might as well have been written in another language.
I think it needs to be localized.
Redneckpride4ever's post or DQVII?



The food example didn't work, so I'll try a beer example:


Bud Light lime is a thematically appropriate drink that I enjoy drinking on a hot summer day, but I still prefer my PBR. I have to be in a very specific mood to want a citrus flavored beer. I don't dislike citrus flavored beer, and I understand its popularity. I just prefer it less adulterated.


Of course, when it comes to PBR, my attitude is this:


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#403472 Looking like mediocre reviews for Fantasy Life

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 20 October 2014 - 10:57 AM

Reviews have  no bearing on if I purchase a game. I do miss rental shops- as a kid I could rent a game and decide if I liked it or not. Sometimes a maligned game could be one I liked. Let me give you an example. 


I first rented WWF Wrestlemania as a kid. Even then I knew it wasn't a wrestling simulator of any quality. I still ask for it at Christmas. Why? Even today, I acknowledge that its a decent 8-bit one-on-one fighter with cool characters, as far as NES goes. The characters had distinct strengths and weaknesses, and they were well drawn. This game is what lead me to my Mortal Kombat phase years later.


Another example is FLying Dragon Secret Scroll. I got it as a birthday gift. Its quirky fighting style is often maligned, but I actually found it to be an interactive style. You need brain power and strategy to reveal the Tusk soldiers' true identities.


When I played the original Zelda as a kid, I indeed enjoyed it, but even at 9-10 years old had mixed feelings about the play mechanics of the overhead view. The world was also desolate.. I much preferred the side view of the black sheep Zelda 2. And the towns were in fact my favorite element of the game.


I beat the ever bashed Final Fantasy 2 when I was 24. Though I agree the combat system is.... wonky, I love the way the story unfolds. My hometown was invaded and I had to start an insurgency. The story wasn't up to modern standards (even in 2003), but the pacing of it was fluid. I actually felt like I was going to free my kingdom. Right at the start when I had to bring the ring from Scott to Hilda, I felt like I was actually working on a mission to accomplish something. It remains my favorite FF,


I know you're still purchasing it, but I'd ignore the reviews. Who knows, maybe eals's description is a positive for you. Mastering every skill and trade may be exactly what some players want. I mean there's people who revocated all 10 times or whatever for every class in DQ9.


I loved the whole customizable system of DQ9, I played through the post game story line, but I sure as hell wasn't about to level Legacy bosses to 99 and all that stuff. But that's me: for you it may be a positive.

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#401709 SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS ARE DEAD (and so is my childhood)

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 04 October 2014 - 04:58 PM

Dude, Saturday morning cartoons started to die with Pokemon. :|



I always felt they started dying in 1992 when NBC killed their cartoon lineup. Man, I was sad. Despite having hit puberty and only watching a select few (which I still now can enjoy as an adult), it seemed like a major culture shock.


My shrink was taken aback when I was 15 and told her I tend to reminice (whatever the spelling). Even though I spent ages 11-20 in the 90s, it was a decade I really couldn't relate to, especially the rock music.

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#401529 Bee Gees

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 02 October 2014 - 06:55 AM

Here's some more classic for ya! A live rendition too! If this don't make ya' wanna crack open a PBR and dance, I don't know what will! (Besides a little Bocephus anyway...)


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#399174 We need a laugh!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 12 September 2014 - 01:55 PM

I shook my head in disbelief when I saw this. Everyone around here needs a laugh right about now. All I can say is I think this guy has WAY too much free time.





I think my favorite one is "Daddy's New Wife is a..."

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