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#449532 Why Your Final Fantasy-Loving Friend Won't Touch Dragon Quest

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 25 January 2016 - 08:19 PM



Geez, someone needs to get laid.

I hear this a lot...



If you haven't had sex yet, it's not a huge deal, except the anticipation.  Though as a guy, blue ball syndrome gets much worse into your 20's, and more frequent.  Heck I was a virgin until 27, by choice as well.  Eventually I just said f-it to the notion of waiting until marriage.


If you have, well, then you'd know it changes your whole dynamic after having sex for the first time. Your body and brain chemistry alters to desire sex a great deal more than you ever did prior.  It also means you channel that energy more effectively into other avenues, and is one reason some people hold off on sex to function in other ways...however withholding for an extended period causes a certain frustration and anxiety.  This eventually builds and causes all sorts of problems, such as irrational anger, and actually enhances psychological issues and physiological issues.  It's also intriguing to note that someone who has sex doesn't actually...LOSE energy, as so many myths love to claim, in fact it actually builds up even more energy...I find anyway.  12 hours of sex...we're both tired, we rest for 2 hours, bam, whomever the girl is and I are energized and ready to handle anything...and eat about 1/10th the food I'd eat otherwise, and that lasts about 48 hours so long as we're around one another (meaning if I want to go out, have fun, or stay in and have a marathon of a sort...yeah, that's definitely possible), and 12~24 if I have to go to work.  I also find I focus better after the fact.  Though that only works when with a girl, and seems to be tied to emotional bonds, the stronger they are, the more energy you both end up having, at least in my experience.  Alone, no, it only triggers the other element of having sex: release of sexual frustration, and all the problems that go along with it.


Thus it's an old adage, and a great way to poke fun at someone who seems irrationally snitty, angry, or grumpy...especially when it's usually the case.


Of course if you're in a relationship and your lady isn't putting out...time to move on.  No relationship can handle sexual suppression, and it's actually damaging to the psyche, soul, and sense of bond both have with one another.  Case in point...the best and most meaningful relationships, even in their old age still do it, and yes, they do it more than once a week.  I've met a few couples like that.  Spry, happy, spunky, never bitter, and always child-like in the amount of curiosity and energy they possess.  Unlike their opposite, the near defunct and dead couples who simply stopped, and become bitter, resentful, aggressive, and grumpy, and often shake canes at people, call the police for the most minor of disturbances, and you find their kids hate themselves, hate their parents, and their grand children are druggies one stop from death's door, all simply due to their grandparents being idiots about the nature of reality and how to stay a happy couple.  Yeah, I serious, sex and happiness, in a relationship, is EVERYTHING.  They're intrinsically tied. 


Wilhelm Reich figured this out ages ago as well, that most of the anger, frustration, and mental disturbances occur because of built up sexual frustration.  I should point out he's the only therapist with a 100% breakthrough rate, even if his methods and motives were questionable, he at least hit on a key element missing in the lives of so many people.  However it's deeper than that, one must then learn about the deeper self, the hidden elements of self, then learn to define oneself as you wish to...but that's another story, because that frustration can be channeled into very disturbing, disgusting, and horrific ways, and that only an individual can fix, but first the trigger must be addressed, then the history buried deep in the mind that led to that sexually frustrated life, which is often something the parents did or did not do...and then addressing your own darkness created by you as a result of these compounded problems.


Anyway, far more information than you probably dreamed of, lol.  TMI guy strikes again!



Now a quote of wisdom:


"You people that don't smoke, what do you do when you finish (deleted)ing, eat jelly beans?"- Redd Foxx.


"The Lord created the fart, then put a smell in it so the deaf could enjoy it!"- also Redd Foxx

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#449279 Why Your Final Fantasy-Loving Friend Won't Touch Dragon Quest

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 23 January 2016 - 12:00 PM






So what's this new not-Final Fantasy coming our for 3DS all about?

Its a game where you traverse the Nevada deserts, fighting mobsters until you make it to a brothel.
In other words, it has a happy ending?

No, that's only in the Korean nail salon DLC.

Don't forget the mandatory inclusion of Cloud and Lightning!



Just watch out for them Clouds dressed as Lightning...



Otherwise you'll get the bad ending and not be able to sit for a month.

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#449272 Why Your Final Fantasy-Loving Friend Won't Touch Dragon Quest

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 23 January 2016 - 10:21 AM

So what's this new not-Final Fantasy coming our for 3DS all about?


Its a game where you traverse the Nevada deserts, fighting mobsters until you make it to a brothel.

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#449254 Why Your Final Fantasy-Loving Friend Won't Touch Dragon Quest

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 23 January 2016 - 01:25 AM



There are seven Final Fantasy titles that would beat any Dragon Warrior/Quest game: Final Fantasy 1-6 and Mystic Quest.  I do not give a $#!& what you guys think.


Geez, someone needs to get laid.








Maybe this here can help:



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#449210 Why Your Final Fantasy-Loving Friend Won't Touch Dragon Quest

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 22 January 2016 - 08:06 PM

If it was, I'd have been banned a long time ago. ;-)



But you're a kindhearted jerk! If you stopped being a jerk, we'd have to ban you!


There are seven Final Fantasy titles that would beat any Dragon Warrior/Quest game: Final Fantasy 1-6 and Mystic Quest.  I do not give a $#!& what you guys think.


Geez, someone needs to get laid.



LOL! Sometimes the basest of statements are the most effective! Well played, hoss!

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#448665 Why Your Final Fantasy-Loving Friend Won't Touch Dragon Quest

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 17 January 2016 - 07:42 PM

Grandia is completely turn-based. Grandia has fantastic combat. That's best thing about that series.


Action is not "evolving backward". Most games have action. RPGs have action. Some RPGs are split into "command phases" and "action phases". Dragon Quest's "action" comes after you press the action button over "fight" commands like nine times per battle. The "action" is represented by awesome sound effects and classy slash effects.


Until Dragon Quest VIII, you didn't even see your characters perform their actions. The graphics just were not up to par, on old consoles.


Good action RPGs don't exist on old consoles (let's pretend Battle for Olympus doesn't exist, for the sake of my argument ;^) ) because they would have been a huge undertaking for the programmers of thirty years ago. If Dragon Quest were to switch to a completely "action" combat-system, all they would have to do is remove the menus. Would this work? Yes. Look at Zelda. Add some variables. In two easy steps, you've made the first ever Action Combat Dragon Quest (Dragon Quest Swords (although a great game) shall be excluded (again for the sake of argument ; ^^^ ^^^ ^^^) ).


Tales of the Abyss has your character models clip through forests textures as they walk over them because, well, that was RPG convention (see anything released for the Famicom). Dragon Quest VIII has you walk underneath the trees of the forest because, really, this is what the characters have been doing all along. Programmers simply couldn't represent their characters doing so on graphically inferior platforms.


Action is not a step-back for RPG combat. Action has always existed. Because Squeenix are spineless fan-pleasers, they delayed Dragon Quest IX two years to revert their combat system to include menus. I like menus! If I didn't, I definitely wouldn't be on this forum. What I don't understand is peoples undying distaste for change away from "video game standards" in lieu of "things that makes sense to people outside of video game land". Yuji Horii knew this. This is why he was going to remove the menus from Dragon Quest IX. But because the Japanese are big babies, they will forever stick to 16-bit generation formulas and will never question them, no matter how archaic the norm may be.



Action games are not a step back. Menu-and-turn-based combat systems are a step back. We don't need Monster Hunter levels of intricacy here. Press the action button to fight, just like the old games. set hot keys to magic spells, press different buttons in combination to trigger other actions. The action would be seemless with the adventure, and it would look and feel Really Cool.



Now, iff we would like to get back to the topic, "Is Final Fantasy better than Dragon Quest?", I will always ignore the question and say Lufia II is better than both of those.


And then! I'll commend Final Fantasy for having the balls to slowly etch away from menu-combat systems. Just look at their Final Fantasy VII remake. Like, I don't care about it that much, but they've got some big balls over there, at Squeenix. I'm hecka gonna play that game, cause I just wanna see what it feels like. If it were an HD menu-combat RPG, I would definitely skip over it. Well done, Squeenix, for sticking to your guns for once in your god-forsaken career.


EDIT: Final Fantasy XV, similarly, looks pretty neat. However, XV loses points because it is just what XIII was going to be before Squeenix put their tail beneath their legs and changed everything in XIII back to menus and numbers that flew out of enemies.





The apex of gameplay was discovered, then almost abandoned for the lesser. The Japanese proved wise not letting DQ9 turn into an inferior product.


And like I said, DQH is merely God of War with frills.


Edit: The best improvement to the combat system of FF7 would be to simply remove the ATB. ATB on turn based is like adding peaches to a plate of spaghetti and meatballs that is already flavored with a chianti reduction and pesto.


Anyone here like chianti?

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#448571 Why Your Final Fantasy-Loving Friend Won't Touch Dragon Quest

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 16 January 2016 - 08:11 PM

If you don't mind my answering, I DID enjoy Dragon Quest IX while I was playing it. It is only in retrospect that I say that Dragon Quest IX is not a terribly interesting game because:


  • I could not play the game with the volume on whenever I entered Patty's
  • I cannot remember any character's names outside of Stella and Jack's
  • I cannot remember any faces
  • I cannot recall any story elements outside of the main story
  • The game encourages collecting junk and combining it into Slime Gear (which was very funny to defeat the Final Boss in)
  • Bosses had faces, but were otherwise nameless enemies for the sake of fighting enemies
  • Not enough books to read


Um, also I am not a fan of games without main characters but that's not a reason to dislike IX. Dragon Quest is about exploring a world. I am remiss to say that I cannot remember the world of Dragon Quest IX.


On the other hand, I distinctly remember the first town to the north of Castle Alefgard that held the rumors of the Magic Flute. I remember the cave I had to traverse to get there, and that I was supposed to bring a torch to (turns out you get through the cave by blindly walking right until you hit a wall, then down, then left, and then up one tile to reach the cave exit).


Dragon Quest I only has the Princess and Dragon Lord as far as characters to remember, but many other Dragon Quest games have memorable characters outside of your party members (who are, for the most part, quite memorable (I can't remember the name of that monk from six but I remember his face at least)).


That's why I, personally, don't care for Dragon Quest IX. To me, it's a remake of Dragon Quest III, but with auto-battle. And multiplayer.


I guarantee you it would have been more memorable had they had stuck to their guns and kept it an action game.




Perhaps that's just me.



I don't mean to sound confrontational at all but....


Action game? Sorry, but in my personal opinion, turn based is the apex of RPG design. Anything else, to me, is like taking a step back in human evolution.


The class system was the finest in the series: simple skill points (no junctioning systems or the ilk) that you plunk in to make the character of your dreams.


Master bows and shields, master paladin for heavy defense, master the martial artist and/or warrior, turn him her into a gladiator and stick him/her in the back row. A virtually untouchable beast is hurting everything in sight. Or have him/her be a martial artist with a great chance of critical hits.


Is your mage taking heavy damage? Again a mastery of shields with a mastery of paladin is a great boon.


Both times I played, I logged in over 100 hours before beating Corvus. I was literally addicted to grinding. Had it been action based, my interest would have waned. Right now I'm playing Tales of Symphonia: so far a fun game, but action rpgs seem like a far more.... primitive concept. 


And I really can't count DQH as a true action-RPG. Its more like God of War with DQ elements tossed in, which I liked. Just push buttons and kill, with a little magic tossed in for good measure.

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#448291 DQ7 #7 on Amazon

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 13 January 2016 - 08:58 PM

I just checked Amazon, and 2 months or so after the announcement, DQ7 is ranked the #7 best selling 3DS game (pre-orders for sure). DQ8 is at #10.


Does anyone think the Cartman ideal of "You can't come" drove up demand? I mean its no Fallout 4 sales number, but it seems like nothing to sniff at.

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#448011 DQ Builder Trending on Facebook

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 11 January 2016 - 08:30 PM

As I type this, DQ Builders is trending on Facebook. Seriously, Hell must be below zero right about now. The forums won't let me use the image URL option, but here's the direct link to my DQ FB page. I cropped it for public view,



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#447128 What video game town would you want to live in?

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 31 December 2015 - 10:55 AM

Hay from DQ5. Quiet, peaceful, rural, and only a zoom spell away from a party town.

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#446550 Akira Toriyama

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 26 December 2015 - 03:43 PM


Well toriyama designs all characters, and all monsters, maybe with VERY few exceptions. He is very involved in my opinion, though lately, he has been less and less involved (but thats most likely due to the fact that he is so much busier now with DBS.)

Ah, I'm glad you got my point! English isn't my native language. :)
I wonder though if the priestess in DQ Heroes is one of those exceptions. She doesn't look like Toriyama's creation, especially the eyes. 
When I saw her, I immediately became worried that we might start seeing subtle changes in upcoming games' character design, in a way that will make us get used to seeing "foreign" designs that it won't bother us anymore if everything no longer looks like Toriyama's work.  :whoa: 

That's the reason why I wanted to know all about his involvement.


I think he has a fair amount of influence with Horii, as they go way way back together, and Toriyama loves DQ so much he said himself he played perhaps TOO much DQ. He even put some DQ monsters/characters as cameos in DBZ.


I'm glad that he seems to enjoy designing for the series, and that he's some sort of the founder of Dragon Quest, much like Horii and Sugiyama is. 
I also get the feeling that this series actually helped him become more creative. I've never seen a Dragon Ball-like character look as detailed as a DQ character, especially since DQ VIII.

Yes, i very much appreciate the DBZ cameos/homages he puts into DQ, and its one of the coolest things, because i love DQ and DBZ, and I also love the fact that DQ is like a midieval DBZ. And if you count joker, which is farther in the future, its even more like dbz!

I couldnt have gotten so into this series if not for the artwork, and loving dbz growing up, made me like this that much more.

I also love how some of the powerful spells and attacks are portrayed in such a massively destructive scale ala DBZ in DQ Heroes.

Some of the new characters in Dragon Ball Super now look like they're from Dragon Quest to me! Lol!

Way back then, I thought the other way around. I remember scoffing at a random guy back in high school because I thought he was playing a stupid Dragon Ball wannabe RPG while watching my friend playing the recently released FF VII at the time.


I like to see The DQ universe as one of the 12 universes in the new Dragon ball Super.


Same here! A medieval themed planet where planetary travel still doesn't exist but is a place where powerful beings also exist.
I hope Toriyama goes for it! It's a good way to give DQ more exposure! And also adds diversity to the Dragon Ball universe.


English isn't your native language? Seriously, I never would have guessed that. Your mastery is as good as that of a native speaker (as far as I can tell from what you have typed). Its actually better than some of what I see posted by native speakers on different parts of the internet. I mean you know how to use quotation marks in the manner of "so-called" and your longer sentences are strung together perfectly. Well done!

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#446378 Pee Wee's Christmas Special!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 24 December 2015 - 07:36 PM

I might have posted this in past years, but here's my gift to the Den: one of the finest Christmas Specials ever!


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#445451 Don't Work in Fast Food

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 17 December 2015 - 12:59 AM

When I was a shift leader at Dollar General I saw a lady at the register. The cashier was out stocking, so I offered to help her on the other register. Keep in mind I never wore my name badge. She started $#!&@ing about having to go to the other register, so I snapped back and told her it was how the company works. I accidentally (legit accident) dropped a couple of her tin cans in the bag, making a banging sound. She asked my name and I just gave her a look as if to say "Are you retarded?". She proceeded to tell me how rude I was. I said nothing as I handed her her bag. As she walked out the door I proceeded to yell "AND DON'T COME BACK!"


My store manager was the type that did this all the time. When I told him about it, he simply said "I don't give a $#!&! This town is full of scumbags anyway!". Frank was the kind to flip off rude customers and make inappropriate statements at any given time. And he was so good at getting sales up that he had no trouble keeping his job. In fact, he flew to Texas for an interview with Circle K and is now a district manager making double what he did. And no 2 week notice from him: he told corporate he was leaving in 2 days and that was that!  He's successful and made it there with a true "I don't give a $#!&" attitude. Hands down the best boss I ever had.


One of these days I'll write up all the things about Frank, such as having purchases from his sex toy business shipped to Dollar General so he could hand deliver to the buyers in Newport. Or his constantly saying how Newport, NH was nothing but a town of hillbilly druggies and white trash. It was great having a boss who let me tell off rude customers and tell them to take their business elsewhere. And he was a success- the store had among the highest sales in the state!

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#444485 Why did Dragon Quest fail/How can it succeed now?

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 10 December 2015 - 08:24 PM

LOL... I never touched the FF 12 demo. If I ever take it out, I'll likely use it for skeet shooting.

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#444483 Official Dragon Quest Community Thank You Letter Topic

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 10 December 2015 - 08:22 PM

Words cannot express the thanks I have for listening to your fans. The arrival of DQ7 is an amazing thing. You not only acknowledged our big campaign, but you listened and gave us a chance. I don't know what to say except thank you.

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