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#399174 We need a laugh!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 12 September 2014 - 01:55 PM

I shook my head in disbelief when I saw this. Everyone around here needs a laugh right about now. All I can say is I think this guy has WAY too much free time.





I think my favorite one is "Daddy's New Wife is a..."

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#398641 Re-igniting momentum.

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 10 September 2014 - 12:25 AM

OK folks, I'll make a private group. The purpose of this group is not general- the purpose is for our circle to easily communicate. Example:


Woodus makes a post saying he needs artwork. 3 people offer up art. They can post it, etc. Then everyone disscusses it and decides what goes public.


I literally want it to be like a conference room for management. I don't want it to be a general area. I want it to be a place to coordinate things.


A general DQ group along the lines of Roto's Questers could also be done.

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#398419 A fun little share. (Hope the link works properly).

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 08 September 2014 - 06:47 PM


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#398359 DQX cancelled for the West? Say it ain't so.

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 08 September 2014 - 04:53 AM


I'm probably sure that's why they have a lot of different DQ styles for different preference of the players. I would imagine you would like the DQ Monster series as well.

Ye, I might try someday. I never played any DQ Monsters series.

But for example about Customizable or not.

FF3 on DS was a game I loved and think it is much better than FF 4 in almost every single way.
I prefer a story like FF3 than FF4, it was a little too much linear, but pretty epic, in FF4 you go from one place to another lose characters in your party all the time and are forced to play with some boring characters, have some parts of the story that try to be sooo epic that become just bs, in my opinion.

Also I think regular turn-based is a much better battle system than ATB.



 ATB does nothing but make battles not only overdrawn, but stilted as hell. Turn based is superior in every way.

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#398215 A Contest Idea For DQ7 and DQ10...and maybe more!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 07 September 2014 - 02:22 AM

I remember a year and a half ago I had some postcards made (with a typo sadly). I could revisit that concept, done better and cheaper. Lemme 'splain... and read everything before you say "WTF type of tangent is this guy going on?".


The postcards and the old Eden take action button that lead to an email for were direct ripoffs from Gun Owners of America, a gun lobby I am a member of. (Not trying to get political here, just stating facts). That site is responsible for thousands upon thousands of people pestering politicians. Same with the postcards they send for you to mail out. They are called "the pitbull of the Second Amendment". They get people riled so much that even the NRA sometimes retracts a position of compromise on legislation. And with only 300,000 members vs. the NRA's 5 or so million.Again, I'm making a point here. That small group made a huge one wobble. Why? Because their members jump and jump on stuff, never giving up. Hmm... gun politics aside, that model seems similar to what OpHero has been doing.


One issue we had (besides RiCK leaving a ROM link) was we never got the traffic we did from OpHero. I think the concepts themselves could be used, minus a website. We have enough traffic now. We've used twitter properly, and OpHero has riled up the folks. Atop this, my We Demand USA FB page has gotten more traffic and helped get the word out. I also revamped and renamed my old FB page for Eden into "We demand more Dragon Quest Outside of Japan". Me and the owner of Hero work together and share info to get the word out. Roto runs his Dragon Questers group. I actually convinced a guy in France to make a "We demand in France" page, in French.


Now ignasia was saying we could have pinned threads for easy access to SE contact info. I offered to pin links to my pages. I may be able to get OpHero to do the same. I am blessed to actually have ANdrew as a FB friend, contact is simple. With pinned links to ignasia's contact info, people can clike a makeshift take action button and have the tools they need, including cut and paste messages. 


Now the postcards didn't garner much interest. However, I don't find it impossible for us to revisit the concept as PART of a mail bomb. Back in 2012 I suspected a drought coming, which is why I started the FB page. And my hunch, sadly, proved correct. Well, now we have the momentum. I think we can actually get folks to sign a simple postcard. If we got say 100 signed, that's 100 pieces of mail clogging us the SE offices. 


We need to not let the train slow down here. Can we do this? I think quite so!

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#398144 Man with down syndrome not handicapped. READ!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 06 September 2014 - 04:25 PM

I just read this article. This man may have down syndrome, but he can back himself up with MMA skills.




No matter your feelings on whether or not he should be bout sanctioned, there's no denying this is an amazing story. As Mr. T would say "I pity the fool who tries bullying this man!".

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#397835 A blog to talk to Yuji Horii!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 04 September 2014 - 06:56 PM

Decent video.  Another avenue to beg for Square Enix to give us something.

I'm really hating this trend of having to beg for games.  But hey, if it works...


It got to the point with me I didn't beg anymore. I'd just leave a comment on their FB like "Man, I really want to try FF14, but since there's no DQ, I can't give you any of my money."

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#397816 A blog to talk to Yuji Horii!

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 04 September 2014 - 05:28 PM




Its paying off!

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#397641 Published today (9/3/14)- they hear us.

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 03 September 2014 - 05:27 PM

This was my favorite part of the article:


"According to the interview, Miyake even has a copy of said letter with him. What this means for those of us hoping to see Dragon Quest VII localized (or any other JRPG for that matter) is that all these campaigns and petitions do get attention. They work to some degree that cannot be argued."


I truly think Reggie's little statement about them not working was merely his way of trying to dismiss OpRainfall. He likely didn't like the fact that the company was bothered by the consumers, and came up with his little statement to save face and discourage future happenings of the same ilk.

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#397639 Published today (9/3/14)- they hear us.

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 03 September 2014 - 05:18 PM

Let's not get too many hopes up, but here ya' go!



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#397297 SE speaks on DQ7

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 01 September 2014 - 07:35 PM

SE's Facebook page has an entry: DQ8 on sale. The entry has 1,058 likes. All the other entries are in the range of 250-350 likes. I've never seen (that I can recall) an SE FB post with that many likes.


You think that as we sit here on this forum that there's actually a huge groundswelling of DQ fans that are letting SE know what they think?

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#397267 Slime Mori Mori 3 / Rocket Slime 2 / Pirate Slime might come

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 01 September 2014 - 05:41 PM

I hope it comes to mobile.


You're awesome man!

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#397259 SE speaks on DQ7

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 01 September 2014 - 04:30 PM

I don't care about the accents either way. But if that would add to the cost of a 7 localization, I'd certainly write a letter encouraging them to not go that "extra mile".


As for 10... like I said, they'd have to really study the demographics. I think they could pull it off. Every series once started as a newcomer, so a semi established series may also be the next surprise hit. No guarantee, but think of it this way...


When Hank Williams Sr. recorded Lovesick Blues, it was called by his own people "a mess". It was regarded as a horrible rendition. Guess what? Fred Rose was shocked when it shot up to #1 and stayed there for 16 weeks. Hank knew that live audiences loved it, and ignored the pleadings of his record producer. Selling 50,000 copies in the first 2 weeks, it launched Hank into the role he arguably still holds: the King of Country music.


Anyway, its nice to see the Hero petition surge another 350 signatures or so in the last few days. We stand at 2,800! So, how can we reach out to the peeps? Lots of good ideas coming in. Can we get everyone to commit to at least one act?


And let's have our letters contain some thanks for the willingness of SE to at least break their silence. At least they're being honest for once.

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#397227 SE speaks on DQ7

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 01 September 2014 - 02:52 PM

All things considered, we could be doing far worse right now. 


9 sold very well, 6 sold well, but Joker 2 bombed. It seems that they hinged the entire "dark age" on Joker 2.


Spin off games for most any series tend to sell less. Even in Japan, a DQ spin off will not see the numbers of a main series game. I could understand Kickstarting spin offs only because you're essentially asking them to gamble.


DQX is an oddball. Being an MMO, they created what in raw sales figures was a main series game that "bombed", subscription profits aside. The US is a far more MMO friendly place, but like any new online game, it may be the next big hit or simply be a small fish in an ocean of sharks. You also need to consider that the DQ fanbase may not be MMO heavy, while the MMO crowd may or may not like DQ as a series. You'd have to design a different sort of marketing blitz. You'd have to make the game shine to a crowd of theoretically WoW infused players. The DQ series is far more anime in style than WoW or even the modern FFs. Granted, a blitz of DQX geared toward the MMO crowd would also appeal to the crowd who goes for DQ, but we run again into the issue "is the DQ crowd geared at all to online". I say yes, but alone not enough to get subscription rates up.


As for subscription rates, if you're not willing to shell out a mere 15 bucks a month for a quality game, you're being cheap. My WoW subscription payed for some of the finest customer service I ever had. Worth every penny, especially a bugged quest that can't be completed. While I was playing, I got a PM from a Blizzard employee to answer my ticket. She asked me to log off and told me she would have my quest in completed status when I returned, XP and all.

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#397106 SE speaks on DQ7

Posted by redneckpride4ever on 31 August 2014 - 10:01 PM

All things considered, at least SE is giving us something besides crickets. I actually find it refreshing.

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