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Kehehehe! You got to be joking! you think that I, the Demon King, would ever share my lovely pebbles with you?

-- Male NPC farmer in Grondol about the rocks on his farm
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Dragon Quest X - Added the 2017 Christmas Wallpapers


I have added the 2017 DQ X Christmas wallpapers to the DQX Wallpapers page. I added the 3 desktop and 3 mobile resolutions.


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Dragon Quest VII 3DS - Monster Image Update 2


Thanks to ignasia7 for the images of the Bosses in Battle with minions and the unlisted monster battle images. I have added them to the Dragon Quest 7 3DS section and added the new right menu items for each grouping.

Boss in Battle




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Dragon Quest VII 3DS - Monster Image Update



Thanks to ignasia7 for the big photo dump from Dragon Quest VII 3DS. I have updated the Normal Monsters, Sea Monsters Boss Monsters, and DLC monsters with his images. (I still need to go thru the boss monsters with groups and unlisted monsters)





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Forums Back Online

Might take some work to figure out all the changes, but the basics seem to be back up and running.  The forums might run a little slow for a while because there are over half a million items that need to be background processed yet.

I also purchased a dark theme for the forums but having trouble uploading it for some reason, I have opened a ticket to try to resolve that, so for now we get white :)

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Dragon Quest Heroes II - Monster Info and Pics added


Added monsters and stats given in game for Dragon Quest Heroes II.


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Dragon Quest X - Added Avatars



Thanks again to MKVarana as this was part of the re-posting of all the Dragon Quest X items in one spot.


I have added the Dragon Quest 10 Avatars from the Dragon Quest X site. There are both 16-bit style and artwork styles of each character. If someone wants to give the the "official" names of each character I will make the changes to the database.






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Forum Upgrade Monday Nov 20

I plan to attempt the upgrade of the message boards this coming Monday the 20th. Since I cannot take my own backups of the database this could go well or not. So if things fail I will have to have them restore the database back to Sunday night.


I will take the forums offline before I start the upgrade.


I hope all goes well. One thing I do know is that username/display name are now the same thing. I plan to keep the user names so that everyone can still login after the upgrade.

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Dragon Quest X - Wallpaper Update



Thanks to MKVarana for letting me know that the DQX site had a list of all the wallpapers they have release over the past years. So I downloaded the whole batch and updated the Dragon Quest X wallpapers page.


I was missing quite a few so I just dumped the whole list and re-imported into the database.




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Monster Wiki Update

I pulled the monster database into excel and then did some VLOOKUPs to try to update the monster number,, related monster numbers and Japanese names based on the English name to try to get more of the Wiki to populate.


I spot checked some basic monsters (slime, she slime) and they are now showing up for the following games


Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest VII 3DS
Dragon Quest VIII 3DS
Dragon Quest XI


At least that updates the Wiki somewhat. :)

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Dragon Quest XI - Monster List Update



Thanks to mjhopkins81 who went thru the Dragon Quest XI Bestiary on the 3DS version and compiled the name (with added translated name or approximated names from the Japanese), regular drops, rare drops, experience, gold and location.


I took this info and paired it with the PS4 images that I had from before (so if the stats don't match up I will split them out later).


Kind of shows what monsters are missing from the PS4 version and let me know if I made any mistakes in matching. :)

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