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I'd like to take you both back to the lab and take your measurements but there is no time.

-- Isla - When Terry is arguing with Luceus about their 'sword' skills.
Submitted by: hawkeye77o4
Dragon Quest Lists Updated


Taking the stats from the PS2 version and updating with data thanks to Aphelion and the images thanks to ethanej I have added the Accessories, Armor, Cheeses, Items, Ingredients, Helmets, Shields and Weapons to the Dragon Quest 8 3DS section.

Icon Examples:



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Dragon Quest 8 3DS - Monster Arena Mini Guide



Thanks to YangustheLegendaryBandit for writing up a mini guide on the Monster Arena. I have taken his posts from the forums and turned them into a page in the DQ8 3DS section.


NOTE: This guide WILL NOT be focused on all Infamous Monster locations or rewards earned from completing ranks of the Monster Arena. This guide's sole focus is to help players complete Rank S of the Monster Arena as soon as possible, and if playing the 3DS version, to have Morrie join the party as soon as possible.




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Quest Update - Late January

3 New Quest: all DQVIII-related!




Quest #164 - DQVIII 3DS Light-Speed Quest

Hurry up and beat it already!

Quest #165 - Notable Quoteable DQVIII 3DSable

Found some good ones?


Quest #166 - Caption Cre8tion

Go on, get inappropriate!


Quest #163A & B - Preorder & Purchase DQH2

Get going because you know "the decision to localise DQXI will be based upon the sales of..."  NOT


All of these badge winners have submitted to Woodus for badges:


Quest #146B - Preorder DQVIII - Imutone, The Dog of Zahan, Eccadiarius, JimJam707, gooieooie, Anrui Ukimi, Twinkie, clusa, TheKingOfTheDragovians


Quest #158 - Three winners were promised and we got all 3:

Glaceon MageHo ho ho! Never did I think I would be mistaken for the faithful sidekick of a worm!" -Sir Mervyn in Party chat after a  a Nottagen NPC mentions Wiggles' "sidekicks"

eal - "Mixed bathing? That's fine by me!" - Prince Kiefer, inside the underground Emberdale spa.

gooieooie - "What are 'sins', [Hero]? They sound like fun!" -Ruff in the present-day Frobisher church after the party overhears a girl trying to confess her sins to the priest



Quest #160 - Congratulations to Woodus for this gem:

So, you've got amnesia and you're hearing voices. That's not suspicious In the slightest... -Pippa upon meeting the hero


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Dragon Quest VIII 3DS - Wallpapers Added



The wallpapers from the updated Nintendo site have been added to the Dragon Quest VIII 3DS section.





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Torneco No Daibouken SNES Updates

Thanks to otarU1921 for the following updates to the SNES version of Torneco No Daibouken. All the following changes have been applied to the database. :thumbsup:



If you can defeat Demonite before he steals an item from you, he always drops a random item, otherwise he will only drop the item he stole from you.

If you can defeat Trick Bag before he steals gold from you, he drops additional gold, otherwise he will only drop the gold he stole from you.

Stone Hulks always pretend to be Statues, giving them the initiative unless you shoot arrows at them to make them come to you.

Metal Babble drops Luck/Happiness Seeds ( +1 level )

Metal Babble also moves twice per turn.

Ice Sloth also is able to move twice as fast.

Silver Devil can attack twice in a single turn.



Puppet Ring not only protects you from Mud Dolls ability to lower your level, but also from the Mystic Doll's abilities to reduce your max hp and reduce your strength.



I am pretty sure that the Trap Scroll actually places a bunch of traps on the level, because I used it once and fell down on a pithole trap and it was invisible to me.



Prevention: Prevention Staff doesn't make you immune to traps, it actually stops you from tripping when running into a rock trap, so you don't drop items or fall. But it doesn't protect you against anything else.



Gold Sword has high sell value.


Blaze Herb: 65-75 Damage

Elixir: It heals 100 hp, but also heals blindness, confuse and fear from muddle. +2 max hp if at full hp.

Medical: It heals 25 hp and also heals blindness. +1 max hp if at full hp.

Muddle: Fear for 50 turns

Blinding: Blinding for 50 turns

Confuse Herb: Confuse for 10 turns.

Sleep Herb / Staff: Sleep for 5 turns.


Prayer Scroll is actually named Re-charge and might recharge up to 4 charges to a staff on use.


Upper / Bikill / Plating scrolls also removes curse from the equipped shield / weapon / shield respectively.


Bang Scroll deals 5-35 Damage to all enemies in the room.


Thunder Staff deals 18-22 damage on use to the enemy you are pointing to.


Chaos Staff causes confuse on enemy for 10 turns.

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Dragon Quest III Android/iOS - Mini Medal List



Thanks to SeanW40 for sending me an updated Mini Medal list for the Android/iOS version of Dragon Quest III.


The list can be found here:



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Quest Update - Early January

Happy Birthday to Me - I got time to do this!!


Lots of little things going on.  Sorry for no huge new Quest in the workings.  All these DQ games coming out have quests associated with them, but nothing on top of that now: real life & DQ playing...


Quest #146B - Preorder DQVIII

You've only got a couple weeks left...


Quest #163A & B - Preorder & Purchase DQH2

Get going because you know "the decision to localise DQXI will be based upon the sales of..."  NOT

Quest #158 - Notable Quoteable DQVII 3DSable VOTING ROUND 1

- Huge participation in this one.  Had to use a Google Form for voting to keep myself sane!  Please vote!

Quest #160 - DQ Building the Quote Database VOTING

- Quality over quantity here.


All of these badge winners have submitted to Woodus for badges:


Quest #156  - Purchase DQ7: KusanagiShiro, King Zenith, ignasia7, Imutone, LordRoto, Michi, Emptilion, geminate, But Thou Must


Quest #159 - Pumpkin Quest

BigBabyDuke - WINNER

All get badges: Bururian, Liamland, Plattym3, Woodus, geminate, Imutone, Twinkie, DQProdigy, LordRoto, Michi


Quest #161 - DQB Lightspeed Quest: Twinkie, Woodus, BigBabyDuke


Quest #152B - Purchase DQB: Woodus, Dakhil, geminate, Twinkie, Plattym3, Michi, Emptilion, Lothis, BigBabyDuke, LordRoto, Flute_Warrior, Tiael, KibaTheBarbarian, MV6000, YangusTheLegendaryBandit, Bururian, DarkBaramos, Goshzilla, Soera


Fantasy Football 2016 Winner - eal



Quest #146B - Preorder DQVIII - DarkBaramos, AustNerevar, LordRoto, The Mystical One

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Questmas Carol Memes Hashtag War

Goo! Inspired by Woodus's Dragon's Den - Questmas Carol memes, we're having a hashtag war on Twitter right now to come up with DQ themed Questmas songs. Let's get creative and post some goo ones. Maybe we can get it to trend!

Happy Questmas Everybody!

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DQ Builders - Song list added



Thanks to Denizen MohawkGaymer a list of the songs used for Dragon Quest Builders and what game they came from has been added to the Den.

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Dragon Quest X - Christmas 2016 Wallpaper Added



Dragon Quest X Christmas wallpaper added to the Dragon Quest X wallpapers page.



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