Notable Quotables
Wa-hey, Tara/Cobi! You're safe! I'll share some of GreatLog's power.

-- Spoken by Warubou to Tara/Cobi when they return from a magic key world in Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure and Cobi's Journey
Submitted by: YangustheLegendaryBandit
Quest Update - 3 new, more going on!

3 new Quests in honor of DQVII 3DS!


Quest #156 - Purchase DQVII 3DS 


Preorders are over, go buy the game already you bums!


Quest #157 - DQVII Light-Speed (or maybe impulse speed) Quest


For the first 10 people to finish DQVII 3DS


Quest #158 - Notable Quoteable DQVII 3DSable


Find 5 or more awesome quotes from the new translation of DQVII 3DS.


Don't forget about Builders:


Quest #155 - #BuildingAFanbase all over the place!


Build cubes and post where you leave them on Social Media!


Congrats to recent quest completors:


146A - Preorder DQVII




The Dog of Zahan

Anrui Ukimi





146B - Preorder DQVIII


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Quest Update - TONS of badges!

Hey all, I just submitted a ton of badges for preorder quests and all of our creature & class creation/art contests.  Congratulations on all these winners.  Hopefully I'll have a new quest up for you soon, I do have a couple burning ideas before the new games start getting released and we're all too busy going for those Lightspeed badges!



Winner for our art contest Quest #153A
Wonderslime for Soul Warden!
Winners for Quest #153
Bururian for his submission: Yangus
GrandAlchemist for his submission: King
GrandAlchemist for his submission: Assassin
Winners for Quest #154
YangustheLegendaryBandit for their submission WhiteKing
Jay the Hawkheart Ace for his submission GigaDraco
GrandAlchemist for his submission: Metal King Golem
(damn, GrandAlechemist!!!)
and our preorder questors!

Quest #146A







Quest #146B



Quest #152A


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From Westy: :)


She-slimes and gentle-slimes, goo-reetings!

Remember that amazing #BragYourDQswag photo contest that Plattym3 and I hosted last year? Of course you goo! Well, let's continue to show Square Enix how much we love our DQ merch by sending them a friendly Twitter post with your swag photos. Please include @DragonQuest and the hashtag #BragYourDQswag along with any positive message you want them to see.

Looking forward to seeing your goo-reat photos!

May the light shine upon you brave warriors.


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Quest Update - YES, Finally!

Hey all, sorry about the month-long disappearance from Questland.  We're back in business now.  Lots of stuff going on today:


#1 - Not a numbered quest:

But you still earn a badge for winning the 2016 Dragon's Den Fantasy Football league.  Sign up today!


#2 - Final Voting for:

Quest #153A - Vocation Creation Fixation - Art Finals


#3 - Semi-Final Voting for:

Quest #153 - Vocation Creation Fixation - Semi-finals



#4 - Opening Round Voting for:

Quest #154 - Creature Class Creation Competition
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Dragon Quest 6 SFC - Wall West of Longadeseo


Thanks to FionordeQuester for sending me the map for Wall West of Longadeseo from Dragon Quest VI SFC.
I have added to the Maps - Town section


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Dragon Quest Swords Wii - Sword Images



Thanks to Denizen King Zenith for sending me all of the sword images from DQ Swords for the Wii.


I have added the images to the weapons list.


Sample Images:






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Dragon Quest Heroes - Accessories Added



Added all the accessories with the image icons from Dragon Quest Heroes.


Sample Images:



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Dragon Quest Heroes - Ingredients Added



Added all the ingredients with the image icons from Dragon Quest Heroes.


Sample Images:




If anyone wants to send me a list of the "dropped by's" I would surely take it, I have a hard time identifying some of the monsters based on the small mugshot and don't want to get them wrong.

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Dragon Quest X - Monster Images



Thanks to Mimas for sending me a video of 908 monsters from Dragon Quest X (I think she said she was missing 2 was all so far).  Since there isn't an official translation of Dragon Quest X and there is no book number value, they are just numbered as they show in her monster list.


Dragon Quest X Monster List



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Quest #153 has Begun

Plenty of time remains, but plenty submissions have already been posted.  Will you acquiesce to the request to quest?




Quest #153 - Vocation Creation Fixation

Participate Now!

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