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Who touches me? I can see nothing, nor can I hear.

-- Soldier from Dragon Warrior at the Breconnary Town Inn to the Hero after the Princess is saved.
Submitted by: Kushiels_Whip
Dragon Quest 6 SFC - Wall West of Longadeseo


Thanks to FionordeQuester for sending me the map for Wall West of Longadeseo from Dragon Quest VI SFC.
I have added to the Maps - Town section


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Dragon Quest Swords Wii - Sword Images



Thanks to Denizen King Zenith for sending me all of the sword images from DQ Swords for the Wii.


I have added the images to the weapons list.


Sample Images:






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Dragon Quest Heroes - Accessories Added



Added all the accessories with the image icons from Dragon Quest Heroes.


Sample Images:



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Dragon Quest Heroes - Ingredients Added



Added all the ingredients with the image icons from Dragon Quest Heroes.


Sample Images:




If anyone wants to send me a list of the "dropped by's" I would surely take it, I have a hard time identifying some of the monsters based on the small mugshot and don't want to get them wrong.

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Dragon Quest X - Monster Images



Thanks to Mimas for sending me a video of 908 monsters from Dragon Quest X (I think she said she was missing 2 was all so far).  Since there isn't an official translation of Dragon Quest X and there is no book number value, they are just numbered as they show in her monster list.


Dragon Quest X Monster List



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Quest #153 has Begun

Plenty of time remains, but plenty submissions have already been posted.  Will you acquiesce to the request to quest?




Quest #153 - Vocation Creation Fixation

Participate Now!

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Questing Begins & Questing Continues!

First & foremost: QUESTS!

Thanks to a recommendation by Cesar, and discussing it with the higher-ups, we're officially changing the Den's "contests" to "quests"




With that said, you'll see the changes rolling out this weekend.  Also, let's give it up for the first winners of our QUESTS:


Ended - QUEST #130B - Congrats to Liamland for buying DQHTWTWATBB.  He's the final person to be awarded.


Continues - QUEST #146A - JimJam707 has preordered DQVII


Ended - QUEST #144 - Congrats to Mattcraft for picking the month that DQVII is going to be released!


Ended - QUEST #149 - Congrats to Woodus & his entry, Slime vs. Slime


Ended - QUEST #150 - Congrats to DQtest couple, Alena and Cristo/Kiryl.  Bigger congrats to Ruesen for submitting the obvious pair!


Ended - QUEST #151 - Congrats to cobolisdeadDarkBaramosSoera for picking the winning release date of DQB!


Continues QUEST #152A - DQB preorders: Woodus, Soera, Awesomeinblue, cobolisdead, Plattym3, Bururian, 

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Contest Update - May 31st

Lots of Updates today!



Contest #151 is an easy one - vote when DQB is coming out!  Be a Precise Prognosticator!

Contest #152 is also an easy (yet costly one) - Preorder DQB!



Contest #149 - Time to thin the crowd.  Elimination round for your favorite DQ board games.

Contest #150 - Elimination round for DQutest Couple!



Preorder DQVII & DQVIII - Pretty self-explanatory!



Contest #130B - Order DQHTWTWATBB.  Squeenix has seen the sales and the point of our purchase contests are to help drive up early sales.  I think here 6+ months out it's a hit or not based on orders, so like the mobile game purchase contests, this will be ending ASAP.  Post in the topic by the end of the week.

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DQ Builders Announced for North America!

It's not coming!


Look for DQ Builders on PS4 & Vita (download only) October 2016!





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Dragon Quest X - 30th Anniversary Wallpaper



Thanks to the note from MKVarana there is a new Dragon Quest X - 30th Anniversary Wallpaper.


I have uploaded them to the DQX Wallpapers page.


Thumbnail example:





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