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Sometimes it's nice to lay down in the grass and just bask in the sunshine. Give it a try. I promise I won't crush you beneath my foot, leaving only a red smear in the green grass to remember you by. Aah... sunshine.

-- Hulkagon, when talked to in Monster Park in Dragon Warrior VII
Submitted by: Motdrafin
Contest #129 - DQ's Main Baddie Contest - Results
Congratulations to Zoma! He recieved more than half the votes, blowing away Orgodemir & Psaro the Manslayer. Psaro should've just skipped town on this tournament like he did on Endor's as he placed a distant 3rd!


Congratulations to the Heroes that fortold this event:

The Mystical One

Maybe a Zoma badge for these folks, Woodus?
Edit by Woodus:
Hope that image was OK to use for the badge :)


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Contest #129 - DQ's Main Baddie Contest - FINALE

Hop on over to the contest topic and vote for the baddest big baddies (Final Round) from the main series games. Polls open until April 15th!

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Dragon Quest Heroes - PreOrder Now!



Many video game shops, including GameStop (yes, I know many of you despise GameStop, but it's a well-known nationwide chain) are already accepting pre-orders for Dragon Quest Heroes. Game develpers/publishers (i.e. Square Enix) use pre-order numbers to help estimate how many copies of a game will sell and how many to print. So if you haven't already, go pre-order Dragon Quest Heroes now and show your support for the Dragon Quest Franchise in America! (Or your own country if you don't live in the U. S. of A.)



Thanks to Erdrick The Hero for the suggestion to post this announcement :)

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Contest #129 - DQ's Main Baddie Contest - Round 2 OPEN

Hop on over to the contest topic and vote for the baddest big baddies (round 2) from the main series games. Polls open until April 4th!

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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest 3DS - Japanese Names and English Translations

Added the Japanese and Translated names for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest 3DS to the Den.


Page Link:


Thanks to mariosmentor for the list.

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What does DQ mean to you? - Deadline April 6th

Reminder that the deadline for the "What does DQ mean to you project" is April 6th. If you would like to help with this project check it out:

I've had this idea for a while, and I thought, "I'll wait until I see what Holey Heroes and Masters of the Masks are." However, I realized that it would be best to finish this sooner rather than later, so that if neither of them are related to DQ, this can persuade them to start localization (if they haven't already).

So yes, welcome to the "What does DQ mean to you?" topic! This is a small, simple project that I've been thinking about for a little while, and now I'm finally posting about it.

What is the project about?

The project is a small and simple one that probably won't take too much time, but if pulled off successfully, it could do quite well for our chances of getting Dragon Quest games localized to the West.

"What does DQ mean to you?" is a project with a very simple idea: the same question it's named by. What does Dragon Quest mean to you? That simple question is all you need to answer. In a way, this is a petition of sorts, but it's not really; it's a collection of what the games mean to us, DQ fans.

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DQ's Main Baddie - polls are open

Hop on over to the contest topic and vote for the baddest big baddies from the main series games. Polls open until March 28th!

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Predict the winner of DQ's Main Baddie Contest

It's almost time to get it on!


Morrie has set up the DQ's Main Baddie Contest, but before it can begin, we need the wagers placed.  Here's how it will work:
1. Send ME, plattym3, your 2 guesses as to who will win DQ's Main Baddie Contest in a PM
2. You have until the end of Friday, March 20th
3. Voting will commence on March 21st
4. After 3 rounds of voting, DQ's Main Baddie will be crowned and if you guessed him, you'll be badged!

Good luck! Head on over to the Contest Topic to take a look at which Baddies got nominated!

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Dragon Geo updated to 1.09

Hey guys, it's been a while! Just wanted to let you guys know that I just posted a new update (1.09) of Dragon Geo on the Google Play Store! Here's the list of changes:

* 1.09:
- New maps added for Dragon Warrior III [NES]: Castle of Baramos, Castle of Zoma, Cave of Necrogond, Cave Northwest of Tantegel, Cave Southeast of Samanao, Cave Southwest of Tantegel, Tower of Arp, Tower of Garuna, Tower West of Kol.
- Several new backgrounds added for the title screen.
- Optimized for 240p and 540p devices.

With this update, all the maps from the NES version of Dragon Warrior III are available for viewing in Dragon Geo! The update is now live on Google Play!

Now, onto something that's not Dragon Geo (or Dragon Quest) related, I released a new app called CHRONO MAPS, which is map app that is similar to Dragon Geo, but for Chrono Trigger. It's kind of my tribute to Chrono Trigger, as Chrono Trigger celebrates it's 20th anniversary this year! It is on the Google Play Store, in which you can check it out here:

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Announcing Kiefer's #QuestToTheWest


Welcome to the third campaign in a series of contests called "Dragon Quest for the West".  The purpose of these contests is to create a social media firestorm with the intention of increasing awareness of the Dragon Quest series and getting the attention of the series' creators and other parties who have the power (but not yet the incentive) to bring these games to the west.
Your mission in this contest is to create an advertisement for Dragon Quest VII, focused on Kiefer!


Each entrant has to come up with at least one piece of art done in the concept of an advertisement for DQ7 using Kiefer.  The sky is the limit, anything you can think of. 
Are you a lousy artist who thinks this contest is not for you?  Well don't run away just yet!  There are plenty of options for you to not only participate in this contest, but also to win!  Instead of a drawing or a beautifully Photoshopped design, you could try doing some cosplay and taking photos.  Or you could even make a video advertisement of sorts.  You could even just partner up with someone and help them out in some way.  Both of you will earn badges!  The winning advertisement will receive a twitter blast and all kinds of glory. 
Details can be found in the official contest topic
In case you missed the Arus campaign results, you can see the submissions from that campaign here.

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