Notable Quotables "I am in tip-top shape, I assure you. Mentally and physically. A pot I may be, but I am in no way potty!"

-- Krak Pot speaking to the Hero of DQ9 after telling him that you don't want to get cracking.
Submitted by: Gooptek

Dragon Warrior VII Overworld Map


Thanks to King Zenith for figuring out how to capture the Dragon Warrior VII overworld map.  Never thought anyone would figure out a way to get that map.

Great Work!
Added to the Overworld - Maps in the Dragon Warrior VII section.


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SlimeTime March Podcast Uploaded


Thanks to Gloomy, Tesla and Ryu for doing the latest podcast. I have it uploaded to the SlimeTime podcasts list here on the Den.
View on the Den
View on YouTube
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Dragon Quest JPN Box Artworks Added
Thanks to Geminate for the scans of the boxes for Dragon Quest 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the Famicom and Dragon Quest 1 & 2 and 3 for the Super Famicom. I have added them to their respective sections.

Sample Thumbnails:






Also for all the help (and my lack of remembering to do it earlier for the lower badges) I gave Geminate the Elite contributor badge for all the help with scanning the manuals and boxes.


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Dragon Quest 3 SFC JPN Manual Added
And for the last one :). Thanks to Geminate for scanning in the Dragon Quest 3 JPN SFC manual. The PDF is in the Dragon Quest 3 SFC Section.
DQ 3 SFC JPN Manual

Fixed link
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Dragon Quest 1 & 2 SFC JPN Manual Added

And now adding the manual for Dragon Quest 1 & 2 SFC. Thanks to Geminate for the scans that I was able to convert to PDF.


DQ 1 & 2 SFC Manual

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Dragon Quest 4 JPN Manual Added

And to keep going :) thanks to Geminate for the Dragon Quest 4 FC Manual Scans. Converted to PDF and added to the Dragon Warrior 4 section.


DQ 4 FC JPN Manual

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Dragon Quest 3 JPN Manual Added
Converted the scans by Geminate and created a PDF of the Dragon Quest 3 FC JPN Manual. Added to the Dragon Warrior 3 section.
DQ 3 FC JPN Manual
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Dragon Quest 2 JPN Manual Added

Thanks to Geminate for scanning in the Dragon Quest 2 JPN manual. I have converted to a PDF and added to the Dragon Warrior 2 section


DQ 2 FC Manual

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Dragon Quest 1 JPN Manual Added

Thanks to Geminate for scanning in the Dragon Quest 1 JPN manual. I have converted it to a PDF and added to the Dragon Warrior 1 section.


DQ 1 FC Manual

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New Contest Accepting Submissions


Welcome to the First (possibly) annual Most Liked contest. Royal Fool Democrobot chants:
We all love our DQ women. And now we get to pick our favorite. And for thou who predicts thy most liked shall receive a nice piece of arm candy as well as a badge for thy profile.
Predict the most liked DQ woman.
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Dragon Geo | Android Map App

Thanks to Yoon for letting us know about a new Android map app that he has created, featuring content from multiple versions of Dragon Quest 1 - 6.  Here is what he had to say about it:


DRAGON GEO is an interactive map app (not a game) that is akin to Google Maps. DRAGON GEO allows for viewing world, region, castle, town, dungeon, and shrine maps from Dragon Warrior / Quest I-VI. It also includes maps from the remake versions that later appeared on the Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo DS. As an added nostalgic touch, the entire interface uses the old Dragon Warrior command window style, complete with music and sound effects from the original Dragon Warrior / Quest games.

More about the origin of DRAGON GEO: Project Geo was originally used as a way for me to get familiar with Android development. The Dragon Geo concept was inspired by Google's 8-Bit Dragon Quest Google Maps April Fools' joke from two years ago. During development, I?ve learned quite a bit about developing on the Android platform, such as programming gestures, loading and playing media files, displaying large images, UX design, handling memory optimization issues, and much more. Although I still have far to go in terms of Android development (and mobile development in general), I?m proud to have been able to put out a quality first app that I quite enjoyed working on in the available spare time I had.
I?d like to thank the sites & people (especially DRAGON'S DEN & KING ZENITH, many thanks!) that have made map resources available online.  Without them, DRAGON GEO would not be possible:

  • D-Navi
  • Dragon?s Den
  • FlyingArmor
  • King Zenith
  • NES Maps
  • NES SNES Sprites
  • Realm of Darkness
  • RPG Legion
  • Sprite Database
  • x_loto
  • Zophar?s Domain

DRAGON GEO is now available for download on the Google Play Store. If you have an Android device, be sure to check it out! I'll be making improvements to the app from time to time.

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Dragon Quest IX - Added Woodus Save File

I added my save file to the savefiles list, I have 393 hours in with 9 revocations as Minstrel. Best part is I have the following maps:


Gold Maze of Bane Lv. 62 found by siyuu which always has Liquid Metal Slimes on Floor 10

Ruby Path of Doom Lv 87 found by masayuki which always has King Metal Slimes on Floor 15

I got them from the Nintendo rep when I went to San Francisco for the DQMJ2 promotion.


Woodus Save File

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Torneko 3 GBA - Manual and Box Scans


Thanks to Ladyjaye for scans for the manual and box scans for Torkeno 3 GBA. I took the scans and turned them into a PDF.

Both items are listed in the right-side menu of the Torneko 3 GBA section.
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Dragon Quest 9 - Save Files Added


Thanks to MelonGx I have added save files to the Dragon Quest 9 Save Files Page.
Here is a list of the save files added which by the name given you can get an idea of what they contain.
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Noteable Quotables Missing Images Added
Thanks to King Zenith for grabbing me the images I was missing for the Notable Quotables that show up on the Den and Forum main pages.

Images added are as follows:






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Dragon Quest Mini FAQ - Pot/Barrel/Cupboard/Barrel Item Levels


Thanks to ignasia7 for the Mini FAQ about the Pot/Barrel/Cupboard/Barrel Item Levels. Below is a bit of an excerpt from the FAQ on the purpose of the information contained in the FAQ. The FAQ is listed in the DQ9 submenu or you can view it here.

What is the purpose of this FAQ?
Simple, there's a list for every blue chest and their level, and the
corresponding items each level has, along with what %, all provided by the
venerable yab. Also provided is a list of the pot/barrel/cupboard/drawer
ranks and the items that go along with it, along with the chance to find
anything. However no list was given as to which pot/barrel/cupboard/drawer
was what rank.

So yab produced a code to break this down, but never had a use for it until
I decided to do my own low level run, and had considered figuring out each
on my own. Suffice to say, 2 hours of just attempting this in one room in
the observatory, and the pain of attempting this the whole game was too much
so yab gave me his personalized Action Replay code. The rest is history.

So why again would I care about what's in each of these random generating
storage devices? Especially given the quality of their materials are lacking
compared to Blue Chests?
Simple! Mini Medals and specialized runs like Speed Runs! Mini Medals in
the main game are pretty scarce. Only 20 are available pre-Gitt, and this is
assuming no tags to build the inn, which is where most players will find
themselves. So the only places to find them are Blue Chests and the P/B/C/Ds
in the game.

This is to ensure the ability to maximize Medal finds as one progresses.
So certain unwanted spots can just be...ignored, and other spots can be
looted with glee and a feint hope of those troublesome Medals.

This holds especially true for a Speed Run!
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Want Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken to be released in North America?

Thanks to DranzerX13 for the following


Toei Animation in North America is asking which of their classic anime titles you'd like to see English subtitled on YouTube.

On their official Facebook page January 6, 2014 they said "Happy NEW YEAR Everyone!! Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel And don't forget to like our channel and leave us comments, we wanna hear what classic titles you want to see!!"

If you're interested, leave a comment on their YouTube, and Facebook pages. (Facebook) (YouTube)



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Kinshin Dragon Quest - Manual/Box/Images Added

Thanks to Geminate who sent me scans of the box, manual and some photos of the equipment.


I have added the manual to the side menu. The images of the equipment I added to the screenshots page. The box images have been added to the side menu and can be clicked on to see larger images.


Sample thumbnails:





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Nintendo DS/DSi Wi-Fi Service Shutting Down in May

Article on


This will affect games like Joker2, DQ IX, and Fortune Street, but isn't limited to DQ games, there are many other games listed (like Mario Kart and Pokemon).


Follow the link above for a full list.


Thanks to everyone who posted about this.

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New Contest Accepting Submissions


G'day there, guv'! This contest will be a nice, simply one for y'all(since it requires very minimal effort). So, here's how it goes down:
Pick 2 game titles from the list following and hope that it wins the Hurt/Heal.
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