Notable Quotables "I'm not a dark ruins kind of gal"

-- Patty in Dragon Quest 9 says this to the Hero in the Hexagon
Submitted by: Woodus

DQ 4 DS - King Slime Sprite



Thanks to Semolous for finding the King Slime sprite was a bad rip and provided a new sprite. I have updated it on the Monster list.



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DQ 2 Android/iOS - List of Name Changes



Thanks to The Mystical One for compiling a list of the name changes in Dragon Quest II for Android/iOS.

I have started a new page and added the list there.

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Dragon Quest VIII Overworld Map Complete
This was a massive undertaking for King Zenith to undertake but he was able to gather full resolution overworld map from Dragon Quest VIII PS2. The full resolution map is huge, read more below. Great work.

Hi guys,

I am so happy to be "done" this project that I couldn't resist putting the news in a new topic instead of the existing one. Anyway, the new Dragon Quest 8 Overworld map is finally complete! Here is a massively scaled down overview of the finished product:


The full resolution version weighs in at 110MB in size as a loss-less compressed PNG image. Dimensions are 14,300 x 10,750.

You can download this map at various different resolutions here:

Full Resolution Map (110 MB)
50% Resolution Map (31 MB)
25% Resolution Map (8 MB)

I came really, really close to burning out on this, but the advantage of sinking so much time into it is that I couldn't let all those hours go to waste by not finishing it. Big thank you to sk8erpunq for helping me overcome the technical hurdles with auto-piloting Empyrea's trajectory as she flew over the terrain collecting screenshots for me at the proper perspective angle. There is absolutely no way this would have worked if I had to manually fly that bird.

Ok, that's all. Time to start marking it up with treasures and notorious monster locations.

Oh, and for anyone curious about how this map was made, you can check out my other topic on the subject.

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Monster Wiki

Thanks to AerynB for scouring all the monster information in the database on the Den cleaning it up and suggesting the idea for a Monster Wiki that lists all the monster that are related.


She added the Japanese name to each monster entry in the database and when you pick a monster from the Alphabetical list



It will return the monsters that all match that Japanese name from the Monster book that she has.



That way you can see the sprite progression over the years, as which games they appeared in and the names, sorted by Japanese release date.


Or like with the Walking Corpse you can see the name changed from Hork in the later years.

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Dragon Quest II Android/iOS - Credits Images



Thanks to Tonelico for images of the ending credits of Dragon Quest II for Android/iOS. I have added them to the screenshots page.



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Dragon Quest II Android/iOS - Monster List



Thanks to AerynB for the list of monsters and images from which I cropped out the sprites. I just cropped them for now since the images are anti-aliased so to get a clean image of the monster is ab bit tough.


Dragon Quest II Android/iOS Monster List



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Dragon Quest IX - All Special Grotto Maps List



Thanks to The Mystical One for sending me a document of all the special grotto maps and why they are special.

The list can be found in the Dragon Quest IX section under the page Grotto - All Special Maps

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Contest #106-Reults


Sorry for the delay. The winner of Contest #106 is none other than... Saigan! Saigan shall receive not only a wicked cool badge for thy profile, but you shall also receive a pack of cards from our resident Plattym3! Please contact him for more details on how to get them. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest.
Badge will be added by Woodus shortly.
To see who submitted what for the DQX subtitle, please click the link!
Edit by Woodus:
And the badge


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Dragon Quest for the West Contest - Maribel Ad Campaign





Welcome to the second campaign in a series of contests called "Dragon Quest for the West".  The purpose of these contests is to create a social media firestorm with the intention of increasing awareness of the Dragon Quest series and getting the attention of the series' creators and other parties who have the power (but not yet the incentive) to bring these games to the west.


Your mission in this contest is to create an advertisement for Dragon Quest VII, focused on Maribel



Each entrant has to come up with at least one piece of art done in the concept of an advertisement for DQ7 using Maribel.  The sky is the limit, anything you can think of. 


For more details on how you can participate, please see the contest topic here.

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Contest #121 - Results




Congratulations to the following Den members for beating Dragon Quest II for Mobile devices and doing it at "lightspeed":
The Mystical One
The IT

For shielding themselves from the real world for a couple of days and embracing their inner nerds, they have earned themselves a shiny new badge.  Well done!

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Dragon Quest for the West Contest - Arus Campaign Results




The first series of the Dragon Quest for the West Contest has come to a close and we are ready to crown our winners and start the social media blast.  The winning submission for the Arus Ad campaign is "Arus runs for his flight", submitted by jamiras843:




The winning hashtag to support the twitter-blast is #QuesttotheWest, submitted by Plattym3!  For their unmatched awesomeness, these guys have earned themselves badges which will be designed and distributed by Woodus.  Congratulations to you both!


The Arus series of this contest may be over, but the social media campaign is just getting started.  Do your part by tweeting out this image to your followers and also to Square Enix, Nintendo, your mom and any else who might be able to help us get this game localized.  Stay tuned for the next campaign focusing on Maribel which will be coming this week.

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Contest #119-Results


Dost thou want to post the results?
But thou must!
The winners of Dragon Quest's Most Notable Quotables 3 are:
In first place is  "I can't stand bein' all wet like this. Feels like I've 'ad an accident or somefin'!" Yangus, when spoken to in the Waterfall Cave in Dragon Quest VIII submitted by Democrobot
In second place is a tie between "Alena's bedroom is just so fabulous! I am looking forward to coming for a sleepover when our adventure is over!" - Maya (Party Chat) on 3rd floor of Zamovska Castle after defeating Baalzack in Dragon Quest IV iOS submitted by Erdrick The Hero and "Come. Suffer in my embrace." - Zoma, after [Hero] uses the Orb of Light in Dragon Warrior III GBC submitted by Democrobot
In third place is "Hm! It's taken you this long to notice!? A personality as rich as mine always sparkles!" - Spoken by King Trode to Yangus after the final boss is defeated in Dragon Quest VIII submitted by YangustheLegendaryBandit
To see the full list of who submitted what, click the link!
Badges will be added by Woodus shortly.

Edit by Woodus:
And here are the badges. Congratulations to all


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Dragon Warrior III GBC - Monster Encounter Map


Thanks to Sk8erpunq for creating a monster encounter map based on FAQ information for Dragon Quest III GBC.
I have added it to the Maps - Overworld page.
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Box Art Added - Young Yangus PS2 and Torneko 3 PS2


Thanks to redneckpride4ever for finding scans of the Japanese covers for Young Yangus for the PS2 and for Torneko 3 for the PS2.

I have added them to the sidebars for each respective section.



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Slime Mori Mori 3 - In Game Music


Thanks to ChucklesProduction for the MP3 files from the 3DS version of Slime Mori Mori 3 :)

I added them to the Music page.

Slime MoriMori 3 3DS
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Dragon Quest Monsters 1 3DS - In Game Music


Thanks to ChucklesProduction for the MP3 files from the 3DS version of Dragon Quest Monsters 1 :)

I added them to the Music page.

Dragon Quest Monsters 1 3DS
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Dragon Quest I MSX - In Game Music


Thanks to ChucklesProduction for the MP3 files from the MSX version of Dragon Quest I :)

I added an MSX page to house the link and also added them to the Music page.

Dragon Quest I MSX MP3
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Dragon Quest VIII "The Movie"


Thanks to brigam25 for sending me a disc of his project Dragon Quest VIII The Movie.

I have added the files to the Dragon Quest VII Section on a page titled "The Movie" ;)

All 17 parts of the movie are available there to watch, or check out the original topic by brigam25 for the YouTube Links
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Another New Contest Accepting Submissions



Dragon Quest 2 - Luminaries of the Legendary Line has now been released on iOS and Android devices.  Hours of joy and happiness await you in your humble app store.  If you are awesome, then you have already purchased this game by now.  If not, hang your head in shame, but only for a moment!  Now pick it back up and dash off to purchase this game, because only a few of you have what it takes to be a Light-Speed Champion!


This contest is here to reward people for beating the game, and doing it quickly.  If you want to become part of an elite squad of Light-Speed Champions, you must be one of the first 10 people to reach the ending credit sequence in Dragon Quest II Mobile, and submit evidence of your feat here at the Den.


For more details on how you can participate in this contest, please see the contest thread.
"Get thee a silver key credit sequence posthaste!"

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New Contest Accepting Submissions




Greetings adventurer!  Surely thou hast heard tidings of Hargon's evil plans to lay waste to the world and raze the kingdoms one by one.  Only you can stop him.  You will be far more effective at doing so, if you first purchase this fine gem of a mobile game. 


Purchase Dragon Quest II for your Android or iOS device, and a badge shall be bestowed upon thee as mark of thy bravery.  For more details on how you can participate, please see the contest topic.

Now, go forth and may the winds of battle blow e'er in your favour!

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