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-- A poster read by Terry in the GreatTree library in Dragon Warrior Monsters
Submitted by: PantheonSasuke
Quest #153 has Begun

Plenty of time remains, but plenty submissions have already been posted.  Will you acquiesce to the request to quest?




Quest #153 - Vocation Creation Fixation

Participate Now!

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Questing Begins & Questing Continues!

First & foremost: QUESTS!

Thanks to a recommendation by Cesar, and discussing it with the higher-ups, we're officially changing the Den's "contests" to "quests"




With that said, you'll see the changes rolling out this weekend.  Also, let's give it up for the first winners of our QUESTS:


Ended - QUEST #130B - Congrats to Liamland for buying DQHTWTWATBB.  He's the final person to be awarded.


Continues - QUEST #146A - JimJam707 has preordered DQVII


Ended - QUEST #144 - Congrats to Mattcraft for picking the month that DQVII is going to be released!


Ended - QUEST #149 - Congrats to Woodus & his entry, Slime vs. Slime


Ended - QUEST #150 - Congrats to DQtest couple, Alena and Cristo/Kiryl.  Bigger congrats to Ruesen for submitting the obvious pair!


Ended - QUEST #151 - Congrats to cobolisdeadDarkBaramosSoera for picking the winning release date of DQB!


Continues QUEST #152A - DQB preorders: Woodus, Soera, Awesomeinblue, cobolisdead, Plattym3, Bururian, 

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Contest Update - May 31st

Lots of Updates today!



Contest #151 is an easy one - vote when DQB is coming out!  Be a Precise Prognosticator!

Contest #152 is also an easy (yet costly one) - Preorder DQB!



Contest #149 - Time to thin the crowd.  Elimination round for your favorite DQ board games.

Contest #150 - Elimination round for DQutest Couple!



Preorder DQVII & DQVIII - Pretty self-explanatory!



Contest #130B - Order DQHTWTWATBB.  Squeenix has seen the sales and the point of our purchase contests are to help drive up early sales.  I think here 6+ months out it's a hit or not based on orders, so like the mobile game purchase contests, this will be ending ASAP.  Post in the topic by the end of the week.

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DQ Builders Announced for North America!

It's not coming!


Look for DQ Builders on PS4 & Vita (download only) October 2016!





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Dragon Quest X - 30th Anniversary Wallpaper



Thanks to the note from MKVarana there is a new Dragon Quest X - 30th Anniversary Wallpaper.


I have uploaded them to the DQX Wallpapers page.


Thumbnail example:





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Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary broadcast

According to RPGFan...


Square Enix has announced that they will be hosting a special Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary broadcast through Niconico on May 26th at 21:30. The broadcast will feature MC Ayana Tsubaki, Dragon Quest's executive producer Yuu Miyake, and legendary series creator Yuji Horii, and they will be counting down to the May 27th Anniversary of the series together. This coincides with the Japanese release date for Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End. Rest assured that if there are any updates on other Dragon Quest titles at this event, we'll keep you posted.

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Contest Update - April 26th

Hello Denzians! Contest Update Time!


#1 - NEW CONTEST ALERT #1 - Contest #149 - DQify a Board Game


#2 - NEW CONTEST ALERT #2 - Contest #150 - DQutest Couple


#3 - The results are in for DQ-ify Some Song Lyrics.  Congrats to: Deborah by Pink Floyd & YangustheLegendaryBandit!


Read below

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Dragon Quest Heroes - Accoladed List Added



I have added the Accolades with the badge images that I have collected thus far to the Heroes section.


If anyone has the ones I am missing and wants to send me the PS4 images or an MP4 of them that would be great.




king_klanger.png  personnel_trainer.pngtous_les_coups.pnggold_medallist.png

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Dragon Quest Heroes - Armour and Weapons Lists Added




I went thru my lists from DQ Heroes and added the info and images from the game.


I added new links to the submenu for the Heroes section and here are the lists I have added so far:

Armour - Orb
Armour - Shield
Weapon - Axe
Weapon - Boomerang
Weapon - Bow
Weapon - Fan
Weapon - Gauntlets
Weapon - Spear
Weapon - Staff
Weapon - Sword
Weapon - Wand
Weapon - Whip


I don't have 100% completion so if anyone wants to send me a screenshot or MP4 of any items I am missing that would be great.


I will be working on Ingredients next and then Accolades. :)

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DQMSL - Monster Info Added



I went thru my Big Book of Beasts and updated the Den's DQMSL monster list with the Spells (thanks to RitzierHades63), Perk, Leader Perk, Monster Type (Attacker, Auxiliary, etc) and Strengths/Weaknesses.


if you notice any errors, or if you have any info to contribute let me know.


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