Notable Quotables "I hope there is something really amazing on top. if we dont find anything (Hero Name), it is all your fault."

-- Maribel from Dragon Warrior 7 says this in Party Chat while climbing the tallest tower to awaken the great hero
Submitted by: jokerrdr

Dragon Quest VIII Android/iOS - Now $14.99, $5 price drop

Thanks to Cain for the news on Android (and appshopper for my email notification :)).

Dragon Quest VIII has been dropped by $5 and now lists at $14.99






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Torneko 3 PS2 - In Game Music


Thanks to ChucklesProduction for getting the music for Torneko 3 PS2. I have added to the submenu for the games page and to the Muisc & Sounds page as well.
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Contest #114-Results


So, Cranberry has finally selected what will be used for the upcoming board game. To see the results, simply click the link, 'Guv!
Badges will be added by Woodus shortly.

Edit by Woodus:

And the badges as based on the submissions.Congratulations to everyone :)


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Another New Contest Accepting Submissions


Dragon Quest IV Mobile has graced our western shores, and you Dragon Quest fans are snatching it up like the salivating dogs that you are.  But do you have what it takes to be a Light-Speed Champion? 


This contest is here to reward people for beating the game, and doing it quickly.  If you want to become part of an elite squad of Light-Speed Champions, you must be one of the first 5 people to reach the ending credit sequence in Dragon Quest IV Mobile, and submit evidence of your feat here at the Den.


For more information on how you can participate in this contest, please see the contest topic here.


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New Contest Accepting Submissions


The release of Dargon Dragon Quest 4 for iOS and Android devices is upon us and it's time for another quick badge grab!

All you have to do to win this contest is purchase Dragon Quest IV for your Mobile device, and BAM! A badge is yours. Head over to the contest topic for details on how you can earn this quick and easy badge!

So don't delay! Run, don't walk to your nearest app store and grab a copy right now!

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Dragon Quest IV - But Misspelled "Dargon Quest" at $14.99

I just downloaded it from the iTunes Store but I had to search for it misspelled.



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Dragon Quest IV - Coming to More AppStores Soon

Looks like it hit the New Zealand iTunes App store this morning. Should be showing up across the globe over the next day or so, and party chat as been confirmed. Thanks to Excitemike for the update. :)


Entry on the New Zealand store:

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Dragon Quest 1 FC - Translated Manual

Thanks to ButThouMust for the the translated Manual for Dragon Quest I FC. I have added it to the Dragon Warrior section.





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Dragon Quest IX - New Overworld Map


Thanks to King Zenith for sending me an updated Dragon Quest 9, Starflight overworld map. This one has better quality. Good work on getting a better copy of it.
Thumbnail Image


This has been added to the Dragon Quest IX Overworld Maps page.
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Dragon Quest V DS - New Dungeon Maps


Thanks to King Zenith for two more dungeon maps from Dragon Quest V DS. Great work on ripping these.
Ancient Ruins and the Coburg Castle Basement


For full maps check out the Dragon Quest V DS Dungeon Maps page.
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New Contest Accepting Submissions


Hello members of the Den. Fellow Denizen Cranberry is coming to you (Numen knows why you guys of all people) for some help with a Slime Racing Board Game. To learn more about how you can help, click the link!

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Contest #108-Results


After months of slashing and casting Heal, using Oomph and the casting of Midheal, we finally have a winner.
The winner of Plattym3's Spin-off Hurt/Heal is Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Cobi and Tara. That means that the following users have earned a new badge for their profile: Darth Nokturnus, PantheonSasuke, Plattym3, and Democrobot.
Badges will be awarded by Woodus shortly.

Edit by Woodus:
And here is the Badge, congrats to all who guessed correctly :)


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Dragon Quest Trading Cardgame

Back in March, Square-Enix released a Dragon Quest Trading Cardgame. It's a Collectible Card Game akin to Pokemon/Magic/Yu-Gi-Oh/etc. where the cards are sold in random booster packs.


The game is a 2 player game, where each player plays Character & Monster cards and they battle each other. There is a concept of levels and also equipment cards to make characters stronger or give them new abilities. There are currently over 200 cards, featuring characters monsters and other art from all of the main series DQ games (I - X). While the cards are all in Japanese, the game is not too difficult to play, and most of the cards are pretty simple in terms of what they do.

If you are interested in learning more about it, or even trying to play, you can find an English translation of the rules, translations of the first set of cards, and more here:

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New Contest Accepting Submissions


Lights! Camera! Dazzle! It's that time of year where the Harrywood blockbusters invade the Den. This time the star is YOU!(not really, but it sounds nice to hear) You have been tasked with assisting world famous director Steven Boinburg by putting your art degree to use and making a promotional poster for his upcoming Dragon Quest movie. Executive Producer Democrobot declares:
We all love a good movie. But how do we know if it is coming or not without a good ol' fashion promotional poster. Those who director Steven Boinburg deems worthy shall be hired and receive a pay of one badge for thy profile (puff-puff optional).
Create a poster to promote an upcoming Dragon Quest movie. You may choose from any Dragon Quest/Warrior game that has been released up to today's date (July 12, 2014). Your poster must include the name of the movie (the subtitle for the game is good enough), at least one cast member (please choose a real actor/actress), a release date (anytime after September 1, 2014), one line of text (ex. Purple Dragons Have Never Been Scarier), and a graphic (this can be the character, villain, a monster, etc.) Voting will be judged upon the content of the poster rather than the level of skill the artist has shown.
For more information, click the link!
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Fortune Street $19.50 at Amazon


Got an email today from Amazon, Fortune Street is now $19.50 with free shipping on orders over $35
Fortune Street on Amazon
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Contest 111 - Badges Added


Congrats to all those who earned badges for Purchasing Dragon Quest VIII for mobile (Android/iOS).

Your badge has been added to your account


This is an ongoing contest so if you end up purchasing it, check out the contest topic and post your proof
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Contest #110-Results


The results have finally been tallied up. The Den's Most Liked Man of Dragon Quest 2014 is.... Pancakes!! Wait. That doesn't sound right. Pancreas? Pankraz? Yes. The winner is none other than our man, the king of Gotha, Pankraz! He received a spectacular 14 votes in the final round. To all his faithful soldiers who stuck beside him through times both good and bad, will you please come receive your badge. Step forward Sk8erpunq and Flute_Warrior.
In second place with a close 12 votes was the Master of the Underpants Dance, Yangus!
Third place was a tie between the enchanting Angelo and the pretty-in-pink Ragnar, who each received 7 votes.
To see a complete list of the Mucho Mucho Machos, click the link!
Badges will be awarded by Woodus shortly
Edit by Woodus
Well not as shortly as I would have liked, but in the style of the way Flute_Warrior did the gals ones


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Dragon Quest X - Added Items


Thanks to Flute_Warrior for sending me scans of the Dragon Quest X PC version, Manual, DVD insert (front and back) and DVD.

I just added them to the Wii section since there isn't really much difference (that I have heard of) between the Wii/WiiU/PC versions other than graphical.

Thumbnails of images, goto the DQ X section to click on the thumbnails in the right side menu to see the full versions. 

DVD Case insert (inside):

DVD Case insert (outside)
DVD Media
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Dragon Quest V DS - Dungeon Map - Winter Palace


#dq5ds - Thanks to King Zenith for another map from Dragon Quest 5 DS - Winter Palace. I added it to the Dragon Quest 5 DS Dungeon Maps page.


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Operation Hero - Operation to bring DQVII and DQX to NA and EU

Hello, this is an operation to get DQ7 3DS and DQX Wii U localized to the US and Europe. We have a petition here : . Also you can like our facebook page
Thanks ! :)

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