Notable Quotables "Sometimes friends have to kill each other out of love. And then, you know, eat the carcass."

-- HornRush in the Monster Park in Dragon Warrior VII
Submitted by: Democrobot

Dragon Quest II and VIII for sale on Google Play Store
DQ II is $2.99 and DQ VIII is $12.99

VIII is on sale for the second time before Christmas. So much for that not happening...

II -

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Give the Gift of DQ Mobile

Thanks to kawaii_koneko for the gift tag below. Feel free to use it if you are going to give anyone the gift of DQ Mobile this holiday season. I plan to use it to give my kids a game of their choice. :)


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Contest #123 - Results




Congratulations to the following Den members for beating Dragon Quest III for Mobile devices and doing it at "lightspeed":


The Mystical One


For ignoring their friends and family members and shucking any personal responsibilities they may have had, we applaud these brave heroes and can only hope that more people will follow suit and make Dragon Quest a priority in life.


They have earned themselves a shiny new badge for their speedy deeds.  Well done!

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Dragon Quest 5 Mobile Soundtrack



Thanks to Chuckles Production for the DQ5 Android/iOS in game music, I have added to the music page and started a DQ5 mobile section (for when we hopefully get the game).

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Dragon Quest I Android/iOS - Overworld Map



Thanks to Yoon for the overworld map for Dragon Quest I for Android/iOS. I created an Maps page and have added it there.





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Monster Wiki Update

Thanks to AerynB for the latest update to the Monster Wiki. The related monsters should all be added now, please let us know if anything looks strange. All of the NA and JPN release dates should be in there as well.


The only thing not updated at this point is DQ3 Android/iOS.

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Dragon Quest III Mobile - Credits Screens



Thanks to Tonelico for the screen shots of the ending credits of Dragon Quest III mobile, I have added them to the screenshots page and should be showing on the first page right now.

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Dragon Quest III Mobile - Screenshots



I have added the screenshots I have taken thus far for Dragon Quest III Mobile to the screenshots page in that section.


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Dragon Quest III Mobile - Name Changes



Thanks to The Mystical One (and others who have submitted changes) for the list of name changes (it is still being updated but I figured I would get one list up there:) )


Check out the Name Changes list in the Dragon Quest III Android/iOS section.



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Another New Contest Accepting Submissions



Dragon Quest 3 - Seeds of Salvation has now been released on iOS and Android devices.  Hours of joy and happiness await you in your humble app store.  If you are awesome, then you have already purchased this game by now.  If not, hang your head in shame, but only for a moment!  Now pick it back up and dash off to purchase this game, because only a few of you have what it takes to be a Light-Speed Champion!


This contest is here to reward people for beating the game, and doing it quickly.  If you want to become part of an elite squad of Light-Speed Champions, you must be one of the first 10 people to reach the ending credit sequence in Dragon Quest III Mobile, and submit evidence of your feat here at the Den.

For more information on how you can participate, please see the contest topic.

Now go! A swift victory will grant you greater riches* than any pyramid could ever contain.


*Actual value of riches may vary

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New Contest Accepting Submissions





Heroes, Martial Artists, Warriors, Luminaries... whatever your profession, come forth and embark on a mission of the highest importance!  The archfiend Baramos has hatched a plot to feast on thine innards and this simply won't do. Only you can stop him (with help from some random people you meet at the pub).  Before you set off, you must first purchase this fine gem of a mobile game. 


Purchase Dragon Quest III for your Android or iOS device, and a badge will be yours.  If you decide to prevent Baramos from devouring you after that, it's really up to you. I'd totally do it though, because being lunch is not nearly as much fun as playing this game!


For more information on how you can participate, please see the contest topic.

Good luck in your quest!

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Dragon Quest III Mobile out on iOS for $9.99

Here is the link for the iOS version if you cannot find it.

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New Version of Dragon Geo (1.06) is out now

The new version of Dragon Geo (1.06) is live on the Google Play Store! This version has the Alefgard map from Dragon Quest I (iOS/Android), as well as King Zenith's amazing Dragon Quest VIII world map.

The new GRAPHICS options is now available and has replaced the old RESOLUTION options, with LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH settings. Setting the GRAPHICS to MEDIUM should allow users to view large maps properly, but will be slower, as GPU hardware acceleration is disabled in this mode.

Here is the full list of changes:

* 1.06:
- World maps for Dragon Quest I [ANDROID / IOS] and Dragon Quest VIII [PLAYSTATION 2 / ANDROID / IOS] have been added.
- New music files for Dragon Quest I [ANDROID / IOS] and Dragon Quest VIII have been added.
- Dragon Quest VI [DS] Underwater World maps now have location labels.
- Dragon Warrior III [NES] Cave East of Baharata and Tantegel Castle maps have been added.
- Previous RESOLUTION option has now been replaced with GRAPHICS option, with three settings: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH.

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Dragon Quest III Mobile out on Google Play for $9.99

DQIII is out in North America on Android devices.

Edit: Here's the link.


Thanks to redneckpride4ever and nolbertos, I guess since I read the topics backwards I saw nolbertos' post first. :)

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Dragon Quest for the West Contest - Maribel Campaign Results




The second series of the Dragon Quest for the West Contest has come to a close and our winner has been decided.  The winning submission for the Maribel Ad campaign is "Bring Dragon Quest West", submitted by Mischief Comics:




For his unmatched awesomeness, he has earned himself a badge which will be designed and distributed by Woodus.  Congratulations Mischief Comics!


The Maribel series of this contest is now over, but the social media campaign is still going strong.  Do your part by tweeting out this image to your followers and also to Square Enix, Nintendo, your mom and any else who might be able to help us get this game localized.  Stay tuned for the next campaign focusing on Kiefer which will be coming this week.


Edit by Woodus:
I think "designed" is used very loosely here :) using part of the winning entry for the badge



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DQ 4 DS - King Slime Sprite



Thanks to Semolous for finding the King Slime sprite was a bad rip and provided a new sprite. I have updated it on the Monster list.



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DQ 2 Android/iOS - List of Name Changes



Thanks to The Mystical One for compiling a list of the name changes in Dragon Quest II for Android/iOS.

I have started a new page and added the list there.

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Dragon Quest VIII Overworld Map Complete
This was a massive undertaking for King Zenith to undertake but he was able to gather full resolution overworld map from Dragon Quest VIII PS2. The full resolution map is huge, read more below. Great work.

Hi guys,

I am so happy to be "done" this project that I couldn't resist putting the news in a new topic instead of the existing one. Anyway, the new Dragon Quest 8 Overworld map is finally complete! Here is a massively scaled down overview of the finished product:


The full resolution version weighs in at 110MB in size as a loss-less compressed PNG image. Dimensions are 14,300 x 10,750.

You can download this map at various different resolutions here:

Full Resolution Map (110 MB)
50% Resolution Map (31 MB)
25% Resolution Map (8 MB)

I came really, really close to burning out on this, but the advantage of sinking so much time into it is that I couldn't let all those hours go to waste by not finishing it. Big thank you to sk8erpunq for helping me overcome the technical hurdles with auto-piloting Empyrea's trajectory as she flew over the terrain collecting screenshots for me at the proper perspective angle. There is absolutely no way this would have worked if I had to manually fly that bird.

Ok, that's all. Time to start marking it up with treasures and notorious monster locations.

Oh, and for anyone curious about how this map was made, you can check out my other topic on the subject.

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Monster Wiki

Thanks to AerynB for scouring all the monster information in the database on the Den cleaning it up and suggesting the idea for a Monster Wiki that lists all the monster that are related.


She added the Japanese name to each monster entry in the database and when you pick a monster from the Alphabetical list



It will return the monsters that all match that Japanese name from the Monster book that she has.



That way you can see the sprite progression over the years, as which games they appeared in and the names, sorted by Japanese release date.


Or like with the Walking Corpse you can see the name changed from Hork in the later years.

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Dragon Quest II Android/iOS - Credits Images



Thanks to Tonelico for images of the ending credits of Dragon Quest II for Android/iOS. I have added them to the screenshots page.



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