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Hot panini! You have feelings for me, [Hero]!? I, I like you too, but... No! No, no! That's not an option. You will reconsider!

-- Rodrigo Briscoletti, during the big bridal decision in Dragon Quest V
Submitted by: Ruesen
Dragon Quest XI - Monster List



I have uploaded the monster list images to the Den.


I think this is the whole bestiary, but since I haven't completed the game I don't know if it contains all end bosses. The images are just numbered for now until we get the localized copy.


So don't check out the list if you don't want any spoilers. ;)

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Dragon Quest X - Halloween Wallpaper



I uploaded the PC and mobile versions of the Dragon Quest X Halloween wallpaper :wd_coolslime:



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Dragon Quest Heroes II - Maps with All Chests



I finally found all of the chests in Dragon Quest Heroes II and have taken the screenshots and added the maps to the Den, hope they help someone else out :)



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Dragon Quest Click Saver! New games announced!

BIG DQ NEWS for Japan today.  

A slate of new games were announced:


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Among the gameplay shown in the footage, underwater exploration has been confirmed as one of the new features. You will also be able to glide around using a cloth of sorts, and there's even a dash button.  Also new to the entry is cooperative multiplayer. Previously, you were only able to share plots online, but here, you'll actually be able to build a world together! 

You can check out the new gameplay below!

Square Enix will release Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II digitally for PlayStation 4 and 3DS in Japan on August 10 for 600 yen and 850 yen, respectively, followed by Dragon Quest III in late August for 1,500 yen, the company announced at Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo today.

If you own Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, you can get the original Dragon Quest free of charge right now by simply clearing the game and entering a specific ?Spell of Restoration.? 






Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on October 19, Square Enix announced at Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo today. It will cost 7,800 yen on PlayStation 4 and 5,980 yen on PS Vita.

Square Enix also announced that Anlucia (voiced by Saori Hayami) and Nelgel (voiced by Takashi Kondo) from Dragon Quest X will appear in the game as playable characters.






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Quest Update - Fantasy Football

Want to join the Den's Fantasy Football league this year (DQFF)?  Check out the new quest and join up!


Quest #173 - DQ Fandom Fantasy Football 2017
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Quest Update - August 1st

(I'll be updating this throughout the day... sorry for the delay)


Congratulations to a bunch of different Quest winners:


Quest #168 - DQH2 Lightspeed Quest - SlimeVagrant, Twinkie, redneckpride4ever, Adol, Soera, dqfan2012, Ruesen, Flute_Warrior, Woodus, Plattym3


Quest #165 - DQVIII Notable Quotable - eal for his quote = ""Red's a very beautiful woman, but she's a touch too prickly for my liking. I enjoy a conquest as much as the next man, but breaking down the doors of that particular citadel would require more than an attractive horse! I'll let another crusader lay siege to her." - Angelo, after meeting Red"


Quest #163B - Purchase DQH2 - Twinkie, Soera, redneckpride4ever, Ruesen, dqfan2012, Bururian, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Jerry, JaybirdC, AustNerevar


Quest #169 - DQH2 Notable Quotable Questable - Woodus, Plattym3, Twinkie


Quests moving onto Voting:


Quest #169 - DQH2 Notable Quotable Questable VOTING


NEW Quest:


Quest #172 - DQXI - Cognitively Concoct Console Regional Release Rates

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Dragon Quest XI Ads hit Japan

Several commercials for Dragon Quest XI have appeared. The game releases in Japan on July 29th. No word on a localization yet.










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Help support the DQM3J FB Campaign

The group Mission Atelier is hosting a Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 event today. The group is trying to gather people to politely barrage Nintendo and Square Enix with requests to get DQM3J localized in the West. Please join us in our efforts today. Please see the FB link below.

Mission Atelier is a FB group that regularly campaigns for Western localization efforts of Japanese video games.

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Quest Update - May 19th

New Quest up, simply vote

Quest #171 - Perfect XI Prognostication



Final Round:
Quest #165 - DQVIII Notable Quotable voting Final



Congrats to our Quest #166 - DQVIII Caption Quest & winner: Bururian!



Also, time to award Bururian a Platinum medal for Quest #167!  It's still open for more though if anyone is interested!!


*more quests in my signature, check them out!

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Quest Update - May 11th
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