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I can't stand bein' all wet like this. Feels like I've 'ad an accident or somefin'!

-- Yangus when spoken to in the Waterfall Cave in Dragon Quest VIII
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Tapatalk having issues


Seems as if Tapatalk is having issues with the forum software. Errors like unable to login, email address not found for login. I have opened a ticket with Tapatalk, but I am guessing they haven't updated the plugin to support the 4.3.x line of Invision Board yet.

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New Contact Methods, Switch, PSN, Steam


Thanks to @Dakhil for the suggestion.

I have added Switch Friend Code, PSN Account and Steam Account to the contact methods to prepare for Dragon Quest XI to come out this fall (and future for Switch).

Click the Edit Profile link in your account to find these new fields.

Edit Profile.png


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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshots


I have added a screenshots page to the Builders 2 section to add the screenshots that have been popping up on the official site.



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Forum Update

Updated forums to latest version last night, as well as the theme to match it.  This version adds a bunch more emotions, I figured i would leave them enabled (or if no one likes them I can revert to slimeys only :))

There are other new options as well, but nothing that really jumped out at me.

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Thanks to Nikkolus for the Donation

Thanks to Nikkolus for his donation to the Den, always appreciated :thumbsup:

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Quest Update - March 28th

This took long enough, I'll get a preorder Quest up in due course, so get preordering (via Woodus's Amazon link: support the Den!)

Congratulations to some winners:

Winners for Quest #171 - Perfect XI Prognostication

These 3 predicted September 2018!

Woodus, Dark Nokturnus, TheKingOfTheDragovians

Winners for Quest #172 - Cognitively Concoct Regional Release Rates:

These 2 predicted Switch & PS4 only (P.S. - you two suck)

Liamland, Dakhil

Winners for Quest #174 - Preorder & Buy Builders Switch

Preorders: Imutone, mysticshadow73, Woodus, YangustheLegendaryBandit, AustNerevar, Twinkie, mjhopkins81, The Mystical One

Purchasers: Imutone, mysticshadow73, Woodus, The Mystical One, Tiael, kleev_55, YangustheLegendaryBandit, mjhopkins81, Twinkie, redneckpride4ever, Dakhil, Jay

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Quest Update - March

Hey Denzians,

We've got 2 main Quests going:

#1 - (ends in 3 days) VOTE in Quest #175 - Who Doesn't like a Side Quest

#2 - Purchase DQ Buliders Switch

Participate if you can!

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Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Mini Medal List Updated


Thanks to mjhopkins81 for sending me the Mini Medal data for Dragon Quest VIII 3DS.  I have uploaded the list of rewards as well as where to find the Mini Medals to the DQ8 3DS page.

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Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Cameron's Codex info Added


Thanks to mjhopkins81 for Cameron's Codex info for Dragon Quest VIII 3DS. I have added the rewards and items to complete lists to the Den.


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Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Bestiary Updated


Thanks to mjhopkins81 for sending me the bestiary data for Dragon Quest VIII 3DS. With this update I have added the rest of the monsters (without images), Gold, Exp, Monster Number*, Related monster*, Japanese Name*, Treasure (is common), Treasure2 (is rare).

* Those fields are to make the Wiki work, I just did name matching to populate those fields, so if anything looks wrong let me know.

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