Notable Quotables "Slurp! Bunny girls are tasty, but I always end up with hair on my tongue!"

-- Gigagoner to the Hero in the monster park in Dragon Warrior VII
Submitted by: Woodus

Dragon Quest IX - New Overworld Map


Thanks to King Zenith for sending me an updated Dragon Quest 9, Starflight overworld map. This one has better quality. Good work on getting a better copy of it.
Thumbnail Image


This has been added to the Dragon Quest IX Overworld Maps page.
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Dragon Quest V DS - New Dungeon Maps


Thanks to King Zenith for two more dungeon maps from Dragon Quest V DS. Great work on ripping these.
Ancient Ruins and the Coburg Castle Basement


For full maps check out the Dragon Quest V DS Dungeon Maps page.
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New Contest Accepting Submissions


Hello members of the Den. Fellow Denizen Cranberry is coming to you (Numen knows why you guys of all people) for some help with a Slime Racing Board Game. To learn more about how you can help, click the link!

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Contest #108-Results


After months of slashing and casting Heal, using Oomph and the casting of Midheal, we finally have a winner.
The winner of Plattym3's Spin-off Hurt/Heal is Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Cobi and Tara. That means that the following users have earned a new badge for their profile: Darth Nokturnus, PantheonSasuke, Plattym3, and Democrobot.
Badges will be awarded by Woodus shortly.

Edit by Woodus:
And here is the Badge, congrats to all who guessed correctly :)


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Dragon Quest Trading Cardgame

Back in March, Square-Enix released a Dragon Quest Trading Cardgame. It's a Collectible Card Game akin to Pokemon/Magic/Yu-Gi-Oh/etc. where the cards are sold in random booster packs.


The game is a 2 player game, where each player plays Character & Monster cards and they battle each other. There is a concept of levels and also equipment cards to make characters stronger or give them new abilities. There are currently over 200 cards, featuring characters monsters and other art from all of the main series DQ games (I - X). While the cards are all in Japanese, the game is not too difficult to play, and most of the cards are pretty simple in terms of what they do.

If you are interested in learning more about it, or even trying to play, you can find an English translation of the rules, translations of the first set of cards, and more here:

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New Contest Accepting Submissions


Lights! Camera! Dazzle! It's that time of year where the Harrywood blockbusters invade the Den. This time the star is YOU!(not really, but it sounds nice to hear) You have been tasked with assisting world famous director Steven Boinburg by putting your art degree to use and making a promotional poster for his upcoming Dragon Quest movie. Executive Producer Democrobot declares:
We all love a good movie. But how do we know if it is coming or not without a good ol' fashion promotional poster. Those who director Steven Boinburg deems worthy shall be hired and receive a pay of one badge for thy profile (puff-puff optional).
Create a poster to promote an upcoming Dragon Quest movie. You may choose from any Dragon Quest/Warrior game that has been released up to today's date (July 12, 2014). Your poster must include the name of the movie (the subtitle for the game is good enough), at least one cast member (please choose a real actor/actress), a release date (anytime after September 1, 2014), one line of text (ex. Purple Dragons Have Never Been Scarier), and a graphic (this can be the character, villain, a monster, etc.) Voting will be judged upon the content of the poster rather than the level of skill the artist has shown.
For more information, click the link!
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Fortune Street $19.50 at Amazon


Got an email today from Amazon, Fortune Street is now $19.50 with free shipping on orders over $35
Fortune Street on Amazon
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Contest 111 - Badges Added


Congrats to all those who earned badges for Purchasing Dragon Quest VIII for mobile (Android/iOS).

Your badge has been added to your account


This is an ongoing contest so if you end up purchasing it, check out the contest topic and post your proof
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Contest #110-Results


The results have finally been tallied up. The Den's Most Liked Man of Dragon Quest 2014 is.... Pancakes!! Wait. That doesn't sound right. Pancreas? Pankraz? Yes. The winner is none other than our man, the king of Gotha, Pankraz! He received a spectacular 14 votes in the final round. To all his faithful soldiers who stuck beside him through times both good and bad, will you please come receive your badge. Step forward Sk8erpunq and Flute_Warrior.
In second place with a close 12 votes was the Master of the Underpants Dance, Yangus!
Third place was a tie between the enchanting Angelo and the pretty-in-pink Ragnar, who each received 7 votes.
To see a complete list of the Mucho Mucho Machos, click the link!
Badges will be awarded by Woodus shortly
Edit by Woodus
Well not as shortly as I would have liked, but in the style of the way Flute_Warrior did the gals ones


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Dragon Quest X - Added Items


Thanks to Flute_Warrior for sending me scans of the Dragon Quest X PC version, Manual, DVD insert (front and back) and DVD.

I just added them to the Wii section since there isn't really much difference (that I have heard of) between the Wii/WiiU/PC versions other than graphical.

Thumbnails of images, goto the DQ X section to click on the thumbnails in the right side menu to see the full versions. 

DVD Case insert (inside):

DVD Case insert (outside)
DVD Media
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Dragon Quest V DS - Dungeon Map - Winter Palace


#dq5ds - Thanks to King Zenith for another map from Dragon Quest 5 DS - Winter Palace. I added it to the Dragon Quest 5 DS Dungeon Maps page.


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Operation Hero - Operation to bring DQVII and DQX to NA and EU

Hello, this is an operation to get DQ7 3DS and DQX Wii U localized to the US and Europe. We have a petition here : . Also you can like our facebook page
Thanks ! :)

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Dragon Quest V DS - Dungeon Map - Dwarf's Den


Thanks to King Zenith for another Dragon Quest V DS dungeon map, Dwarf's Den. Great work on these!

Check it out in the DQ5DS Dungeon Maps Page.
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Dragon Quest V DS - Second Dungeon Map


Thanks to King Zenith for the second Dragon Quest V DS dungeon map, Uptaten Towers.  Again great work figuring out how to capture those maps and getting around the overhead view.
I guess a good think about not getting any new DQ NA game announcements is it will give King Zenith more time to work on this project :P  >.<
Check it out in the DQ5DS Dungeon Maps Page.
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Another New Contest Accepting Submissions





Dragon Quest VIII Mobile has graced our western shores, and you Dragon Quest fans are snatching it up like the salivating dogs that you are.  But do you have what it takes to be a Light-Speed Champion? 



This contest is here to reward people for beating the game, and doing it quickly.  If you want to become part of an elite squad of Light-Speed Champions, you must be one of the first 10 people to reach the ending credit sequence in Dragon Quest VIII Mobile, and submit evidence of your feat here at the Den.


For more information on how you can participate in this contest, please see the contest topic here.

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New Contest Accepting Submissions




The recent release of Dragon Quest 8 for iOS and Android devices is upon us and it's time for another quick badge grab!

All you have to do to win this contest is purchase Dragon Quest VIII for your Mobile device, and BAM! A badge is yours.  Head over to the contest topic for details on how you can earn this quick and easy badge!

So don't delay! Run, don't walk to your nearest app store and grab a copy right now!

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Dragon Quest VIII Android/iOS - Now Available in NA

Check your Apple AppStore (I searched for Dragon Quest VIII) or Google Play. Looks to be $19.99 on both stores when I checked in the US.


FYI, prices are seeming to vary by region.

Posted on Thu, 29 May 2014 13:56:05 +0000 :: View Post

Liamland's DQIX Mail and Tag Service
Easier for me to quote what he put than try to reword it :)

Greetings, Questers, Gamers and Completionists!

Sadly, today on May 20th, Nintendo discontinued its Wifi Connection service, rendering DLC for many games, including Dragon Quest IX, inaccessible.

But there are still tools for Dragon Quest IX to allow you access to these now-cut-off elements within the game. I've written up a plan for a mail-and-tag service (mail me your cart, I will add special maps, add inn-uniques or make any other agreed-upon adjustments, and then mail it back to you). There will be a cost involved, based on the amount labor. I've tried to spell out the project in the below write-up. It sounds a little legal-jargony, but I wanted to make sure all of the details were completely spelled out and that any best-and-worst case scenarios were covered:

Please read through the following to fully understand the Plan, Cost, and all aspects of this project. Please do not use this service unless you absolutely feel you must complete everything the game has to offer. This may be expensive for the casual gamer, and ultimately not worth it unless you are a completionist. This service is for people who do not have access to the tools to do this themselves.

The Plan:
The idea is to create a mail-and-tag service, and to charge for the labor involved--since, depending on what changes people need done, it can be time-consuming. If you just need maps, exclusive items and a DQVC shop download, I can accommodate that cheaply, but when it comes to adding 30 unique-inn tags to a cart (for the fully upgraded inn), that tends to be very time-consuming, and therefore the cost is higher. I don't like the idea of charging, but I know there is likely to be requests for this service and I have to justify the time-spent. This will also cut down on me receiving a large amount of games simultaneously and then having no capacity to complete them all in a timely fashion. I will also need to factor in the cost for shipping the game back to you.

1) Cost: As mentioned, it is pretty labor intensive to tag 30 uniques. For this service, I will be charging about $40 per cart (if I receive multiple carts, on which to work, I will need to charge separate for what you want done to each.) It costs about $7 (on average) to ship it back to you, so I need to factor that into the price. If you need a minimal amount of work, it's just going to cost $10 (instead of 40), for example, if someone didn't need the 30 uniques.

Standard Package: $10 + $7 shipping, total: Include a check for $17.
Includes the following tagged or added to your cart: special maps, DQVC exclusive shareable items, a specific DQVC shop download of your choice, all of the legacy guests, access to all DLC Quests, any additional weapon or item, as specified by you (this package does not include 30 unique inn-tags.)

Deluxe Package: $40 + $7 shipping, total: Include a check for $47.
Includes the following tagged or added to your cart: 30 inn-uniques, special maps, DQVC exclusive shareable items, a specific DQVC shop download of your choice, all of the legacy guests, access to all DLC Quests, any additional weapon or item as specified by you.

Combo packages:
If you want to send two carts, a Combo Deluxe Package would be $40 + $40 + $7 or $87. Two Standard packages would be $27 with shipping, a Standard and a Deluxe would be $57, with shipping.

What's Negotiable:
Some of the labor is negotiable. If you have two carts, and you want me to add maps to one, but to the second copy, you only want a DQVC shop download (with no unique inn-tags, maps, or anything else) I'll just charge $10 for that. However, if you wanted maps and items added to both it would still be $20 for the labor, or $27 for two Standard combos, with shipping included.

2) Time estimate: Depending on the amount of projects I receive, simultaneously I estimate that 2-3 weeks from the time I receive it, you will have the game(s) back to you. If I have a large amount of Deluxe projects, I may have to extend the time, but I would keep everyone posted. The longest it's taken me was working on 4 projects simultaneously and it took about 3 weeks to find time to complete all 120 inn-tags, special maps, and item updates.

3) Special maps: I have a list of special maps that I can make available, if you want to pick specific ones. Otherwise, I have a standard group of them that I typically tag to games, including access to all legacy bosses at decent-to-great locations, and a handful of the famous grottos: masayuki and hatuko's MKS maps, sawapi's Kawasaki Locker map, a gem slime map, Millionaire map, and a group of high level maps for better blue chest drops and more rare, quest-related monsters, such as Bling Badgers, Blight Knights, and Drakulords.

Please make sure there is available map space for me to tag over what you want. Otherwise there will be a delay, with back-and-forth, for me to find out what maps you would like me to delete to make space. Without you having visibility into what's on your cart, in my possession, that process can get complicated.

4) DQVC Exclusive Items:
Shareable items include: 2x each of Choice chocolate, Block o choc, Basic biscuits, Posh biscuits, Christmas cake, and Festive feast. I will typically also throw in Birthday Cake and Party Popper.

Non-Shareable Items, Weapons and Armor: For this, I can either handle it in a shop download or add the items you need, completely at your discretion.

Here is a list of the non-shareable weapons and armor, starting with "Weapon:"

5) "Can you add everything I would need for 100% completion?"

I'm not sure what an individual defines as 100%, but if there are a lot of DQVC weapon or armor DQVC Exclusives that you're missing, and you are unable to get them all from a single shop download, let me know, specifically, what you're missing and I can add it. I would need to know this information ahead of time. If you change your mind during the project it may delay the ETA.

I reserve the right to refuse to change something after we agreed on a package and you've sent me your game and the check. It may get complicated if I have to wait for extra money to be sent, for example, if you decide that you want the 30 inn-uniques, when your game is in transit or after I receive it.

6) This is a service, not a business:

I hope to offer this for a few years while people still need it, but I'm not trying to profit, just justify the time spent. This is a service for DQ fans, by a DQ fan. If anyone who has the same or similar tools wants to take up this service as well (even feel free to under-cut me in price) it's about someone or a group of people providing this service, and not about competition.

It is perfectly in your right to find fault, or get annoyed that I would charge for such a service, but I invite you to take up these projects, yourself, and help me to provide to DQ fans (albeit in a more manual sort of way) what is no longer being supported by Nintendo.

7) Tools used:
Any modifications to your cart will be done using an NDS Adaptor Plus and the DQ save editor. I will not be using AR, so there is no risk of bad codes, corrupted save files or problems that adversely affect gameplay.

8) Steps:
a. Contact me via PM, and please let me know the details, including which package you want, if you're looking to have anything added, specifically.

b. I will send you my mailing address. Please do not post my address anywhere in online forums or on publically viewed websites. I will be giving it to you directly. If you would like to promote this service to a friend, please include the URL to this post, but do not send out my mailing address to others.

c. I will not accept games sent to me before corresponding to go over the details.

d. Please remember to include a check and not cash. I will give you the full details of who to make the check out to in our correspondence.

9) Added Value:
In addition to the changes to your cart, you will also receive a before-and-after digital copy of your save file. This is so that just-in-case anything happens to your game in the future (damaged cart, corrupted save file, etc.) both you and I will have a data back up, and you won't have to start the game over from scratch.

10) Tips:
--Small, padded envelopes are usually best to protect the game when mailing it. That is what I will use to mail it back to you.
--You don't need to mail me the game box, especially if you mail multiple carts. If you can spare a game case for a few weeks, put your cart in there and you can mail it in a small, padded envelope. I've also seen people just wrap the cart in a white envelope and then put that in a padded envelope. That works as well.

Thanks everyone.


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New Contest Accepting Submissions


Welcome to the First(possibly) annual Most Liked contest "Men's division". They're sexy and they know it! *pelvic thrust* Why should the girls have all the fun when the world is filled with such manly men. Now, since real men don't do catwalks, we'll be flexin' our flippin' muscles! Royal Fool Democrobot says *feeling threatened by some of the muscle-y men*:
We love our DQ bro's a lot. That is why we shall pick our favorite. And for thou who shall correctly predict thy favorite shall receive an awesome bro hug as well as a "manly" badge for thy profile!
Predict the most liked DQ man.
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Denver, CO Dragon Quest Tag Event - May 8th



Do you love Dragon Quest? Do you need tags, maps, pioneers, knick-knack exotica, dream cards or a new Captain Crow for Joker 2? Or maybe you just want to get together with some fellow Dragon Quest fans for some multi-playing action. 


Join King Zenith in Denver, Colorado on Thursday, May 8th for a Dragon Quest Tag event at the Centennial IKEA.  The event will run from 5:30 - 9:00 pm (local Denver time) and will be a great opportunity to get tags from any game that is capable of tagging.  Rare maps will be offered for Dragon Quest 9 and there will be plenty of time for any other Dragon Quest shenanigans you are interested in.


The event will also be attended by the legendary nfrazee28 from the GameFAQs forums and as many fellow Dragon Quest fans as we can rustle up.  So if you are in the Denver area, please do stop by. Heck, if anyone not in the Denver area feels like taking a drive, by all means do so.  Or, if you have visited Denver at one point in your adventures, simply open your spell menu, cast Zoom and choose "Denver".


See you there!

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