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Wahoo! So we won't all have to live inside graves than.

-- NPC in the Church in Dragon Quest Swords, when you (the hero) tells him you'll make the Deathbringer go away.
Submitted by: Jay the Hawkhart Ace
Dragon Quest Movie Poster Contest Ending - Prizes
If you've given a passing glance to the DQify a Movie Poster Contest this month, you know we've had some awesome submissions. Did you also know we've had a donation of some awesome prizes?

Denzian Bururian has graciously offered up three DQVIII posters to the top 3 finishers of the contest.


The contest (see link in my signature) is scheduled to end this weekend, but I'm easily persuaded to extend since I've been remiss in talking about the prizes! Let me know here or in the contest thread if you'd like to participate!
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The Ides of January Contest Update

Lots to report!!!


FIRST, a new contest.  Buy a badge!

(well, commit to buying DQ and earn a badge, but you know...)


Contest #146A & B - Preorder DQVII and DQVIII

SECOND, a contest is ending.
Hurry up & buy DQVI already!

Contest #134 - Purchase DQVI and show proof

THIRD, a contest continues.
Make those movie posters already!
FOURTH & FINALLY, contest winners announced!

Contest #143 - Be a DQ Builder

Congratulations are in order for:

#1 - BY A LANDSLIDE (or a waterfall), LordRoto & his DQI Minecraft World Map.  Awesome!

#2 - YangustheLegendaryBandit for his Mario Maker Golem!  Awesome board!

#3 - YangustheLegendaryBandit for his Mario Maker Slime, Drakey, Ghost/Spooky

#3 - plattym3 for his LEGO Slime

Congratulations are in order for:
#1 - Soera - I think your awesome blanket smothered the competition!
#2 - Anrui Ukimi - stretched the limits of "3 pictures" and it paid off!
#3 - geminate - loved the slime tower picture!
#3 - Bururian - and Westy wants to remind you that his cousin in the plastic bag can't breathe...
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New Contest Announcement & Voting Up x2!

Brand New Topic UP! DQ-ify a Movie Poster: The Remix Edition:



Create a Movie Poster to participate in a current contest: Contest #145 - DQ-ify a Movie Poster: The Remix Edition



Don't forget to vote in our 2 ongoing contests:


VOTE to participate in a current contest: Contest #142 - Westy's #BragYourDQSwag

VOTE to participate in a current contest: Contest #143 - Be A DQ Builder



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Contest End - Contests Continue

Brand New Topic UP! Predict when DQ7 & DQ8 are coming:



VOTE to participate in a current contest: Contest #144 - Perfect Prognostications 



Don't forget to participate in our 2 ongoing contests:


Participate in a current contest: Contest #142 - Westy's #BragYourDQSwag

Participate in a current contest: Contest #143 - Be A DQ Builder



Congratulations to Our 3 Winners of "Say It Like You Meme It!"

DQ-related Yo Mama Jokes - YangustheLegendaryBandit



DQ funny quotes - Plattym3



DQ-related Puns - YangustheLegendaryBandit



Non-DQ picture with some sort of DQ-relevant message: TheKingOfTheDragovians


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Final Meme vote, badges, and extensions.

The nominations are in and the top memes are now up for final voting. Vote like you Meme It!


2 current contests nearing completion are getting extended until December 31st.  If you haven't built anything or bragged about your DQ Swag, then get going over the holidays!


Finally, big congrats to the following members in the following contests:

Contest #130B - Purchase DQHTWTWATBB



Anrui Ukimi




Erdrick The Hero











Contest #134 - Purchase DQVI Mobile





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Dragon Quest Heroes Monster List Started



My monster list is only at 80% but I thought I would get a start on the monster list. The stats I have are directly from the game, EXP, Gold and Description.


If anyone has the ones I am missing, post them or send them to me and I will add them to the list.


Dragon Quest Heroes Monster List



Sample Thumbnails


barbatos_th.pngdemon_at_arms_th.png  gold_golem_th.pngmarquis_de_leon_th.png

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Dragon Quest X Christmas Wallpaper



Thanks to MKVarana for sending me the link to the Offical Dragon Quest X Christmas wallpaper.


I have added the 3 sizes to the DQ X Wallpaper page.





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Community "Thank You" Deadline - Saturday 12 PM Pacific
Saturday is the deadline to submit your part of the community "thank you" to SE/Nintendo/Healix for DQ 7 and 8 3DS
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Vote for some awesome Memes!

So, who knew there was a limit to the number of pictures you can put in one post?  Now I do.  We had so many memes submitted, I had to make TWO different topics to hold them all.  Take a few minutes, laugh out loud, and then vote for as many as you'd like to see move on to the next round!


Contest #141 - Say It Like You Meme It Voting #1A


Contest #141 - Say It Like You Meme It Voting #1B

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Be thankful, participate in a contest!

Hey Denzians, did you notice the 2 new contests that appeared yesterday?


Contest #142 - Westy's #BragYourDQSwag


Join Westy on Twitter & Brag Your DQ Swag





Contest #143 - Be a DQ Builder


Get on Minecraft or any other building game and build something DQ related!





Contest #141 - Say It Like You Meme It


Make a variety of DQ-related Memes



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