Images from Dragon Warrior 4 Info Sheets

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Description Cursed
Item Art: Feather Hat Feather Hat 280 210 8 Nara, Mara, Alena Bonmalmo, Aneaux, Konenber, Kievs, Haville
Item Art: Golden Barrette Golden Barrette 540 405 12 Hero, Nara, Mara, Alena Konenber, Mintos, Gardenbur
Item Art: Hat of Happiness Hat of Happiness 4 11 15 Cristo, Nara, Mara, Brey King of Small Island will give this in exchange for small medals
Item Art: Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 1,100 825 16 Hero, Cristo, Taloon, Ragnar Mintos, Stancia, Rosaville, Riverton, Seaside Village
Item Art: Iron Mask Iron Mask 3,500 2,625 25 Hero, Ragnar Surene, Kievs, Rosaville, Riverton, Gottside
Item Art: Leather Hat Leather Hat 65 48 2 All Burland, Surene, Lakanaba, Monbaraba, Branca
Item Art: Mask of Corruption Mask of Corruption 6 200 All Hidden in Shrine of Breaking Waves
Item Art: Metal Babble Helm Metal Babble Helm 20 50 Hero, Cristo, Nara, Taloon, Ragnar King of Small Island will give this in exchange for small medals
Item Art: Wooden Hat Wooden Hat 120 90 6 All but Mara and Brey Burland, Bazaar, Bonmalmo, Frenor, Izmit, Endor, Branca, Aneaux
Item Art: Zenithian Helm Zenithian Helm 30 Hero Heirloom of Royal Family of Stancia




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