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Sprite Name Buy Sell Found Dropped By Info
Cursed Alchemy Ingredient Alchemy Result Recipe Healing Holy Powers # Shop Upgrades Needed
Sprite Name Buy Sell Found Dropped By Info Cursed Alch Ing Alch Res Recipe Healing Holy Powers # Shop Upgrades Needed
No Artwork Yet AGLSeed   60     Raises AGL by 1-3 points.         0  
No Artwork Yet Antidote 10 7     Cures poison.         0  
No Artwork Yet Bug Powder 310 232     Confuses enemies (like PanicAll)         0  
No Artwork Yet Change Staff         Can change a person's appearance for a short time.         0  
No Artwork Yet Dark Lamp   225     Turns day into night (but not night into day).         0  
No Artwork Yet Dream Ruby         This belongs to the Elf Queen and has strong magical powers.         0  
No Artwork Yet Dry Vase         This vase can suck water from the seas, but only a in special area.         0  
No Artwork Yet Echo Flute         This flute interacts with the 6 orbs causing them to echo when in close range.         0  
No Artwork Yet Final Key         Unlocks all locked doors.         0  
No Artwork Yet Gold Pass         Allows you to play unlimited times on the Pachisi Track.         0  
No Artwork Yet Herb 8 6     Recovers upto 35 HP.         0  
No Artwork Yet Hide Herb 300 225     Turns party invisible for a while.         0  
No Artwork Yet INTSeed   120     Raises INT by 1-3 points.         0  
No Artwork Yet Letter         This letter of introduction is written by the King of Portoga to Norud the Hobbit.         0  
No Artwork Yet Life Acorn   150     Raises maximum HP by 2-5 points.         0  
No Artwork Yet Life Stone         Takes the place of a fallen ally, allowing them to continue fighting.         0  
No Artwork Yet Light Orb         This orb can conquer darkness, it is said to be a secret weapon against the Demon Lord.         0  
No Artwork Yet LUCKSeed   45     Raises LUCK by 1-3 points.         0  
No Artwork Yet LuvMemory         A pendant commemerating the love of Eric and Olivia, it is rumored to soothe troubled spirits.         0  
No Artwork Yet Magic Bomb         Special bomb made by an alchemest in Reeve, it can blow holes in concrete walls.         0  
No Artwork Yet Magic Key         Unlocks doors sealed by magic.         0  
No Artwork Yet Magic Map         Shows your current position when you press select, also show location of the ship when you have it also.         0  
No Artwork Yet Mirror         This mirror will reveal the truth of illusions.         0  
No Artwork Yet Moon Herb 30 22     Cures paralysis.         0  
No Artwork Yet Mystic Nut   60     Raises maximum MP by 2-3 points.         0  
No Artwork Yet Oricon         This rare stone can be turned into amazing weapons.         0  
No Artwork Yet Pepper         Black pepper is rare in some parts of the world.         0  
No Artwork Yet Repellent 20 15     Repels weaker enemies in the field, in battle protects against magical attacks.         0  
No Artwork Yet Sage Rock         Heals all party members about 80 HP and can be used unlimited times.         0  
No Artwork Yet Sailor's Bone         This can give you the location of the Ghost Ship.         0  
No Artwork Yet Shiny Harp         Attracts monsters when played in the field.         0  
No Artwork Yet Six Orbs         The orbs hidden throughout the land, collect them all.         0  
No Artwork Yet Spider Web 35 26     When thrown at a group of enemies it lowers their agility.         0  
No Artwork Yet STRSeed   180     Raises STR by 1-3 points.         0  
No Artwork Yet Thief Key         Make by Thief Bakota, unlocks red barred doors.         0  
No Artwork Yet TinyMedal         Collect these medallions for valuable prizes.         0  
No Artwork Yet Token   37     Allows you to play a game on the Pachisi Track.         0  
No Artwork Yet VITSeed   90     Raises VIT by 1-3 points.         0  
No Artwork Yet Wake Dust         This dust will wake whole villages put under a Sleep spell.         0  
No Artwork Yet Warp Wing 25 18     Returns you to the last town or castle you visited.         0  
No Artwork Yet Wizard Ring 2500 1875     Restores a portion of the wearers MP, but it crumbles after several uses.         0  
No Artwork Yet World Leaf   3     Revives and completely restores a fallen ally.         0  
No Artwork Yet Zen Scroll         Changes characters into Sages.         0  




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