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Description Date Added Code Notes Source
More Metal Babbles 1 2010-06-03 OZSEGOPX
DQVr at Dragon's Den
More Metal Babbles 2 2010-06-03 OXUEIOPX
DQVr at Dragon's Den
More Metal Babbles 3 2010-06-03 OXXETUPX
DQVr at Dragon's Den
Metal Babbles have 1 HP 2010-06-03 PEKLKLLZ DQVr at Dragon's Den
No Random Battles 2010-06-03 ATKEYZAZ DQVr at Dragon's Den
No damage during battle 2010-06-03 GANZNYOP DQVr at Dragon's Den
Walk through walls 2010-06-03 NNESILPG GameFAQs
Chest drop after every battle 2010-06-03 AESPGYZY GameFAQs
Increased experience learning 2010-06-03 NAZUGV GameFAQs
Start with 99 hit points 2010-06-03 LVKLUSGP Prince of Midenhall

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Here is what I found out about the game genie codes for dragon warrior 2: the code for 255 strength points. The problem is #1 If you equip yourself with the copper sword your strength points return to 4 or 5 and if you get killed you loose all your strength points, and for the hit point if you go to sleep you loose them all you return to the normal number hit points
- Don Karnage (

Thanks to Gonzalez Sanchez for the info on the NAZUGV code




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