The Dragon Warrior Series is your classic Role Playing Game (RPG), in that the main thing you do is wander around defeating enemies, gain Experience and Gold so that you can learn more by talking to everyone. Then buying better weapons, armor and items and defeat more powerful enemies.

There are really two quests to completing the first in the Dragon Warrior series. The First Quest is to return the King's daughter to him and the Second Quest is to destroy Dragonlord get and return peace to Alefgard.

Quest 1 - Rescuing the Princess

When you first begin, travel East to Brecconary and purchase the Club (60 Gold Pieces {GP}). At this point you can try to fight enough enemies (without armor) to also purchase the Leather Armor, but make sure to save the extra 6 GP for the Inn to recover.

When you reach Level 3, you will learn the HEAL spell. Now you will have access to unlimited Magic Points (MP). There is an old man (Old Man Screenshot) in Tantegel Castle that will restore your Magic Points for free.

Now that you have unlimited Magic, hence unlimited Hit Points (HP) because of the HEAL spell, you can travel and gain Experience Points (EXP) more easily.

After gaining a few levels, you can travel North from Tantegel Castle and you will find a cave. In this cave (there are no enemies BUT, make sure you have a torch) you will find Erdrick's Tablet. It explains to you your what you are to do.

When you feel strong enough (about Level 4), you can travel to Garinham which is to the North and West of Tantegel Castle. When you reach Garinham make sure to talk to everyone (as always) to gain clues. When you have the GP you can buy the Hand Axe (560 GP) and Chain Mail (300 GP), or hold off for better armor later. You can also buy the Iron Shield (800 GP) if you can afford it now.

When you reach Level 7 or 8 you should be safe to travel to the Eastern Continent (across the bridge East of Tantegel Castle) you will encounter Scorpions and Skeletons.

On the Eastern Continent is the town of Kol. Kol is located North of the last bridge that you cross to reach the Eastern Continent. Kol is also the home of the Magic Flute, to find it take 4 steps South of the Fountain in town and SEARCH (Flute Location Screenshot). If you have the cash the Full Plate Armor is found here also, for the price of 3000 GP.

To be safe, before traveling to the Southern Continent you should have learned StopSpell (Level 10). Reason being is there are Warlocks that will cast SLEEP on your Hero.

When you do reach the southern continent, the town of Rimuldar will be found. Here you can buy Magic Keys to open locked doors. Also sold in Rimuldar are the Broad Sword (1500 GP) and the Magic Armor (7700 GP). Cool thing about the Magic Armor is you gain 1 HP every other step.

Don't travel too far South of Rimuldar to start, there are some pretty powerful enemies near the Southern tip (Wyverns, Wraiths, Goldmen). When you do reach the Southern tip there is a cave with an old man inside. He will not speak to you unless you can prove you are a descendant of Erdrick, to do this you need to find Erdrick's Token somewhere during your travels.

The Southlands are located South of the town of Garinham. When you gain the HEALMORE spell at Level 17 you should be safe to explore these areas.

In the Southlands you will find the deserted town of Hauksness. In this town there are powerful enemies (Starwyverns). Also there is a tree you can search to find Erdrick's Armor (Armor Location Screenshot). But before you have a chance to search, an Axe Knight will attack you. If you cast StopSpell this will take away a big portion of his advantage over you, and then use HEALMORE to keep your HP up. Erdrick's Armor is very nice since it will protect you from poisonous swamps and damage barriers PLUS it will also give you 1 HP for every step you take (unlike every other step that the Magic Armor gives).

If you are feeling strong, you can try to journey to Cantlin, which is to the South and East of Hauksness. There is a wall around the town of Cantlin, and when you step thru the opening in the wall (the first time only) you will be attacked by the Golem (Golem Location Screenshot). He is tough but if you use the Magic Flute, it will put him to sleep. Here you can buy the Flame Sword (9800 GP) and the Silver Shield (14800 GP) (Shopkeeper Screenshot).

Now that you have the powerful items of the Flame Sword and the Silver Shield you should have little trouble rescuing the Princess. The Princess is trapped in the tunnel that takes you to the Southern Continent and Rimuldar. You will need a Magic Key for the door she is trapped behind and the Princess is being guarded by a Green Dragon (Green Dragon Location Screenshot). After you talk to her you will need to take her back to Tantegel Castle and talk to the King (cast OUTSIDE then RETURN for a quick trip :).

Quest 2 - Defeating Dragonlord

When you talk to the Princess she will give you her love. Gwaelin's Love is a special item that will give you your location in relation to Tantegel Castle. An old man gave you some information on the location of Erdrick's Token. He said it is 70 south and 40 east of Tantegel Castle. This puts you in the large swamp south of Cantlin. (Token Location Screenshot)

If you have been talking to everyone you will have heard about items like the Silver Harp, Staff of Rain and the Stones of Sunlight. These were unnecessary for rescuing the Princess, but are now necessary to defeat Dragonlord.

The Silver Harp is located in Garinham. Before you go you will need to take some Keys along. Unlock the large building in Garinham and go inside, in the Northwest corner of the building you can walk north through a secret panel (Secret Panel Location Screenshot). This will lead back outside of the building to a set of stairs that take you to the Grave of Garinham. Inside the grave you will find the Silver Harp. If you then play the Silver Harp enemies will attack you every time you play it.

Now that you have the Silver Harp, you need to go to the Northern Cave, which is located to the West and North of Kol. Yet another Old Man is hiding in this cave, he will trade you the Staff of Rain for your Silver Harp.

Now off to find the Stones of Sunlight, they are hidden underneath Tantegel Castle. First you need to unlock the door in Tantegel Castle so you can get to the northeastern corner. You will be able to walk South along the East wall to find a set of stairs. Hiding is yet another Old Man, he will give you the Stones of Sunlight.

Now that you have Erdrick's Token, the Staff of Rain and the Stones of Sunlight, you can travel back to the cave South of Rimuldar and talk to the Old Man there. No that you can prove who you are, he will take the Staff and the Stones and give you the Rainbow Drop.

With the Rainbow Drop you can create the Rainbow Bridge to reach Charlock Castle to encounter Dragonlord. To do so, there is a peninsula to the West of Rimuldar, stand at the tip of the peninsula and USE the Rainbow Drop and the Rainbow Bride will appear (Peninsula Location Screenshot).

Now you will be able to face Dragonlord and free Alefgard of evil. Travel the island until you reach Dragonlord's home, Charlock Castle. The castle is filled with very powerful enemies such as Armored Knights, Blue and Red Dragons, Starwyverns, Stonemen, Wolflords, and Wizards. When you reach the Levels of 21-25 you should have a good chance of surviving the trip thru the castle.

When you first enter the castle, the two locked doors on the main level are just decoys. To proceed you need to stand behind the throne and SEARCH, and then you will find a secret stairway. (Secret Stairway Location Screenshot)

The most powerful sword, Erdrick's Sword, is hidden deep inside Charlock Castle.

To find Erdrick's Sword

Follow A -> B -> C -> F -> I -> J -> K -> L on Castle Charlock Map from the Maps section.

Or take the hidden stairway and it will take you to B1. Follow this path along the West side of the dungeon until you come to a stairway going down.

You will start this floor at the North side of the room in the middle. Follow this path around until you find another stairway going down.

On this level go to the West side of the room and go down along the left wall and you will find yet another stairway going down.

You will come out in the Southwest corner of the room, go to the stairway on the Southeast side of the room that should be going up.

Follow this zigzag path to another stairway going up.

You will end up in a little notch that has another stairway going up, take it.

Now you will be in the Northeast corner of the a floor and you can only take one path to another stairway going down.

Here you should find a chest containing Erdrick's Sword.

Now you should be prepared to do battle with Dragonlord.

To find to Dragonlord

A -> B -> C -> F -> G -> M -> N on Castle Charlock Map from the Maps section.

Or take this stairway and it will take you to B1. Follow this path along the West side of the dungeon until you come to a stairway going down.

You will start this floor at the North side of the room in the middle. Follow this path around until you find another stairway going down.

On this level go to the West side of the room and go down along the left wall and you will find yet another stairway going down.

You will come out in the Southwest corner of the room, go to the stairway on the Northwest side of the room.

Here you will be on the Northeast corner of the room and the path will wrap around the outside of the room towards the Northwest side of the room to yet another stairway down.

Now you should be in a room that the only way you can go is east to another stairway. When you take this set of stairs you will be on the final level where Dragonlord resides, it should be light out and there should be water and swamps and such.

If you follow the passage north there will be a treasure room with some items.

If you follow the path to the West the path will wind to the North, back to the East and then South again to where you will meet Dragonlord.

If you answer Yes when he asks you to join him, your game will be over!

When you first battle Dragonlord he won't seem too difficult, this is because he is in Human form.

After you take enough HP from him he will change into Dragon from. Just keep hacking away at him and use HEALMORE to keep your HP up! His usual damage range is around 40-70 damage points a blow depending what level you are at.

Just keep on him and you should be able to defeat him.

After the battle you will receive the Ball of Light, then return to Tantegel Castle for the ending.



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