Vocations above the main 6 are obtained thru quests. Following lists the Vocation, Quest Needed, and abilities available. For more info on specific abilities check out the Skills List. For info on how to unlock these Vocations, check out the Quest List.

  • Gladiator (103): Sword, Axe, Hammer, Fisticuffs, Guts
  • Paladin (106): Spear, Hammer, Wand/Staff, Shield, Virtue
  • Armamentalist( 109): Bow, Sword, Wand/Staff, Shield, Fource
  • Ranger (112): Bow, Boomerang, Axe, Fisticuffs, Ruggedness
  • Sage (115): Boomerang, Bow, Wand/Staff, Shield, Enlightenment
  • Luminary (118): Whip, Fan, Boomerang, Shield, Je Ne Sais Quoi
You can't unlock the Sage quest until near the end of the main quest and the Luminary class cannot be unlocked until the post-game.

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Armamentalist 344.8 KB 425 x 500 Armamentalist Image
Gladiator 302.1 KB 403 x 500 Gladiator Image
Luminary 251.7 KB 374 x 500 Luminary Image
Mage 292.7 KB 369 x 500 Mage Image
Martial Artist 254.0 KB 305 x 500 Martial Artist Image
Minstrel 300.6 KB 367 x 500 Minstrel Image
Paladin 304.0 KB 397 x 500 Paladin Image
Priest 300.5 KB 343 x 500 Priest Image
Ranger 354.0 KB 463 x 500 Ranger Image
Sage 285.6 KB 329 x 500 Sage Image

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